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If you find your YouTube video on another website without your permission, you'll have to follow their process for requesting the removal of the video. YouTube cannot do this for you. Most sites that permit users to upload videos rely on the Digital Millennium Copyright ActБs (DMCA) Safe Harbor, which means that when they receive a complete and valid copyright takedown notice from a content owner, they should comply and remove the content. There are some
to this, but if you are certain that the copy of your work isn't protected under , you can request the removal of the copy. Please take a look at the to understand what you'll need to include in your copyright takedown notice. Sites that rely on the DMCA must have contact information for a designated DMCA agent listed with the Copyright Office and on their website. We've provided a short list of email addresses below where you could send your copyright takedown notice, if you find your video on one of these sites without your permission. If you don't see the site you're looking for below, you should be able to locate appropriate contact information in the Copyright Office's. Dailymotion : Facebook : Instagram : Periscope: Twitter : Vimeo : Explained: What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos. The video serviceб can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and via mobile phones. What are the main functions of YouTube? Why do teens like YouTube? YouTube is a free to use service б and a can be a great space for teens to discover things they like. For many young people YouTube is used to watch music videos, comedy shows, how to guides, recipes, hacks and more. Teens also use the video sharing service to follow their favourite vloggers (video blogger), subscribe to other YouTubers and celebrities they are interested in. Is there an age restriction to use YouTube? To set up a YouTube account users must be 13+ years of age. However users do not need to sign-in to access the website or to view videos. There is however a YouTube kids version now available to download for free. YouTube kids is designed for children agedб 3-8 years old and makes it easier for children and parents to find content they are interested in. for more info the YouTube Kids app. What are the risks? YouTube is a great place to discover new things, learn and get entertainment, however there are some things parents and teens should be aware of when using the service.

YouTube has over a billion users and with an estimated 300 hours of footage uploaded per minute, not all of it is appropriate for children. But you can help minimise the risk of your child encountering content that may not be appropriate for them. If you or your child sees something inappropriate, users can flag the video with YouTube. For more info on flagging inappropriate content go to: Unfortunately, people can experience negative comments and bullying on the service particularly through the comments function (YouTube users can comment on other users videos). If your child has a YouTube channel/profile it might be a good idea to recommend theyб. This can be done very easily via settings and helps minimise risk of experiencing negative comments. If your child is experiencing harassment on YouTube, you can block and report users. See below for more info on reporting and blocking users Block Users: Report Abuse: When a user uploads a video to YouTube, by default the video is set to public, which means anyone can see the video. Depending on the age of your child, you should discuss what settings are best to use if your child is uploading footage to YouTube.

You can easily switch videos to private or unlisted (published on YouTube but cannot be found without a direct link to the video). You can also invite people to view your videos using. Please note, you need to link your channel with Google+ in order to share a private video with other users. for info on how to connect a YouTube channel to a Google+ profile. YouTube allows you to disable comments entirely on videos or users have the options to approve each comment before they are published, this can help avoid risks of experiencing cyber bullying. YouTube has a, a setting which gives users the opportunity to bar mature content. б It is an Бopt-inБ setting, which means that it wonБt take effect until you switch it on. б The setting filters search results to remove videos with mature content or videos that has been age restricted, meaning that such content will not show up in video searches, related videos, playlists, shows or movie sections. While no filtering system is 100 per cent accurate, we recommend that parents of young children enable this feature.

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