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why hats should be allowed in school

If kids are not allowed, they will lose their right to freedom of expression. Which therefore violates the 1st amendment. Not fair. Hats do no harm to anybody. They just sit on a head and make people look cool. No murders committed. No crimes made. Just someone trying to have some style. The general hat rule is outdated and isn't relevant anymore. There is no need to continue this practice let alone force it upon everybody else. One of the arguments for the hat rule is, "You won't be able to see their face on the security camera. It's for the safety of the school. " If a student is planning on breaking the rules the hat rule won't stop him/her from wearing their hat. They'll do it anyway. The no hat rule doesn't prevent students from wearing their hat to hide their face. It's just common sense. The idea of hats makes me feel not naked. When i take my hat off i want to poop my pants because my head is so cold. Hats are an amazing thing for ressess when its hot out. Kids might get sun burn on their faces. Hats protect their faces and dont make me feel like pooping my pants when its off
Disrespectful? In what way? I don't understand how you are disrespecting anything whatsoever. If men have to take their hats off, why don't women? Men used to have power over women, why didn't women have to take them off? Either way, this "rule" is useless. If someone doesn't mind, please tell me why it's disrespectful for men and not for women.

Not just "because it's good manners", I'd like a reasonable answer. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid People Hats are the kids way of saying Бmom i need a new hairbrushБ. So let the kids wear their hats to school if they want to!!!! So people, back off of the kids and let them wear the dumb hats! (take it from a kid who goes to a school that has to wear uniforms!!!!!!! ) Your arguments reek of whining. All of those reasons are actually pretty legitimate reasons, and it seems a bit immature to go off like you are because you can't wear a hat for half a day, 5 days a week. Hats aren't everything. Just be glad your school doesn't have uniforms. This, THIIIIIISSS. and to make sure he sees this. 1. Big fucking deal, and no we shouldn't. That is an outdated and arguably sexist way of thinking. 2. They can, but that seems to be a height issue. 3. So are the rest of people's clothing. That's like banning steak knives because knives can be used to kill people, but not banning other knives. 4. Just like with almost any other possession? Great argument, school system. 5. Lice? Freakin' lice? How many people have lice these days? What's more, if you're worried about lice, don't let other people wear your hat. That's what I do. Calling BS yet again. 6. One word: Pockets. The only thing I can think of that comes even close to a legitimate reason is it blocks your face on cameras.

However, I'm pretty sure they could identify you by your hat, not to mention other clothing and backpack. Can someone please explain why basically every school doesn't allow hats unless it's "spirit week? " Maybe I can actually convince someone to let me wear my damn hat. 1. Even though it says men, really its impolite for ANYONE to wear a hat indoors. If anything you should consider it a sign of pride that they mentioned men. The original reason was that men would tip their hats to each other and to women as a sign of respect. To top it off, it's impolite to wear a hat in ANY public or generally public building. You'd get in just as much trouble if yo uwore a hat to work. 2. not the point, there is still that potential and the school could stil lget yammered at by parents if a kid couldn't see because the kid in front of him wore a hat to school. (don't beleive me? Parents bitch and complain about EVERYTHING when it comes to the educational system) 3. Actually most schools ban ALL knives from being on their premesis. My physics teacher got yelled at by security just the other day because he brought a butter knife onto campus for his lunch. Besides that, schools are supposed to be a place where students can feel comfortable. Lets say you lived in a bad neighborhood and someone was wearing gang symbols from that neighborhood. would you really feel comfortable?

Its not the hat, its the premesis. they ban al lot of things that can be considered gang symbols. For instance, here in Colorado you can't wear all red or all blue to school because those two colors are associated with two very prominent high-school gangs. 4. You forget that they also take away all those other possessions if people are playing games with them. The only difference here is they're saying "no" ahead of time. 5. There are a lot of people who get lice these days. It's any hat really. for instance, there's a safari hat that gets worn by about 20 people in one of my classes each day. Or look at Masque and Sandal, do you know how many peopel have worn those hats? Again, precaution. Or better yet: what if that waiter/waitress didn't wash their hands after going to the bathroom? Would you be saying "ohh it's just ecoli, why should we worry about bacteria that can be deadly? " 6. Come by here some time and see how many kids stash their drugs in their hats. This is just one of those things that they are using as a preventative. Also, if your school doesn't have high-tech cameras, a hat can make a HUGE difference in tracking someone down. Especially if say, that person steals something and then gets rid of the hat. I have a feeling you'll just ignore this whole rebuttal though and pretend I never quoted you.

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