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why is my car in the front yard

I have been asking myself the same question for the past 18 years. Why is my car on the front lawn? What could have possibly happened? Does anyone out there have the answer? I ve run so many possibilities through my head. Did I drive it there? Why would I drive it there? Did my car grow legs and walk onto the front lawn? The last thing I remember my band was on the top of the world. Guys with baggy pants and girls in crop tops and black lipstick loved us. Our concerts had dirt bikers, goths, AND rappers with upside down visors all pogoing together. We were the quintessential band of 1999. We even wrote a hit song called, My Own Worst Enemy about my carвs unlikely placement. No, it s not called, Please Tell Me Why. But please do tell me why why my car is in the front yard. I thought fame and success would carry me through my darkest days; I thought the sleepless nights would subside. I thought I would no longer have to worry about why my car is on the front lawn. But fame changed nothing. I ve been spiraling for 18 years and the nagging question remains. I am a man obsessed. I need answers, somebody give me the answers I seek. WHAT HAPPENED? I ve run through every possible scenario in my head and still the answer eludes me. Was there an earthquake? Did Bigfoot pick up my precious 86 El Camino and throw it on the front lawn? DID OUR LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, LOOK UPON MY VEHICLE AND DECIDE TO USE HIS INFINITE POWER TO RAISE MY CAR FROM THE EARTH TO REACH ITS DESTINY IN THE FRONT YARD? Related: I ve been a walking nightmare for decades,
sleepwalking with my clothes on.

Where are my bandmates? How long has it been since they abandoned me? Have they continued the legacy of Lit without me? Living the high life with the likes of Sum-41, Sugar Ray, and Fred Durst? If anyone reading this has any idea why my car is on the front lawn, please tell me so I can move on with my life. I need to know so I can get back to the rockstar lifestyle I earned by being the guy from Lit. Could it be related to the things I said when I was drunk? What did I call you? I didn t mean to call you that! Please tell me! Please! Tell. Me. Why. If you have any answers for the guy from Lit, please let him know in the comments below, heвs obviously in a pretty rough place right now. Hard Style is a lifestyleВ blog by the people who brought you The Hard Times. В You can support us by buying a T-shirt: 1. There is a process that the city must follow to comply with state law before it can abate a public nuisance. This provides the property owner a certain period of time to correct the problem or appeal the public nuisance determination. In most cases, the process takes about two weeks from the time a public nuisance is identified or reported to the time it can be abated. Abatement demolition of dilapidated buildings is a separate process under state law that can take several months to accomplish. 2. The Oklahoma Residential Landlord Tenant Act sets out responsibilities for both landlords and tenants. Such responsibilities are also outlined in lease agreements. As such, they are considered civil matters between a landlord and tenant and are not regarded as public nuisances.

Bug infestations are also viewed in this manner, and it is up to the tenant or landlord to arrange for extermination. The city will investigate situations that pose an imminent hazard to a tenantБs or the publicБs health and safety Б including dangerous electrical connections or appliance installations, lack of smoke detectors, or inadequate heating sources and sanitary facilities. 3. The cityБs zoning code states that vehicles must be parked on an all-weather surface defined as asphalt or concrete. This means vehicles cannot be parked in the front yard. БYard carsБ detract from the communityБs quality of life. Parking on or across a sidewalk hinders pedestrians Б especially those with disabilities. Sidewalks must be available for use by any member of the public at all times. 4. Inoperable vehicles in Sand Springs must be stored in an enclosed area such as a garage if they remain upon private property in excess of 168 hours. Typically, inoperable vehicles those that cannot be legally driven on public streets, have parts missing or are defective. Inoperable vehicles remaining in open view after 168 hours (7 days) are subject to tow. Property owners or tenants may also receive a Municipal Court citation. 5. In most cases, violators are given information that a public nuisance exists on their property and provided with a timeframe (usually a week) to correct the issue. If the issue is not corrected, a process begins that allows the city to correct the issue and assess costs as a tax lien on the property.

In certain cases, Municipal Court citations can be issued with a maximum fine of $500 for each day a violation continues. 6. The minimum height for public nuisance grass is 12 inches. 7. City ordinance requires property owners to maintain all vegetation from the street curb or pavement edge Б even though it is a part of the public right-of-way. The right-of-way area between the street and a private property line is viewed as an extension of the property available for use by the public. Trees and shrubs need to be pruned so they do not obstruct traffic or damage vehicles. 8. By state law and city ordinance, items that are dumped, improperly disposed of or otherwise uncared for can be considered a trash public nuisance. The most common types of trash public nuisances include piles of discarded items, tree limbs and brush, old furniture, lumber and dead appliances. 9. Furniture designed for indoor use should never be kept outdoors Б even on a covered porch. In addition to inevitable contact with moisture, such items are a haven for rodents, insects and other pests. 10. The City cooperates with a nearby privately-owned landfill to offer free bulk disposal of items each spring and fall. Notices of the free disposal days are included in city utility bills and are only available for residents who receive city refuse collection. An extra pickup of bulky items is available from the cityБs refuse service for an additional fee charged to a customerБs utility bill.

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