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why is effective communication important in developing positive relationships

TDA31-1. 1Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. Effective communication is fundamental in building positive relationships with children, young people and adults alike. When working with children, young people and adultвs communication is the most important thing to building a positive relationship. Having good communication skills will help us develop better relationships especially with younger people. Some students who lack in confidence may find it hard to communicate at all with us, so if we come across to that student in a positive and gentle manner they are more likely to open up to us and talk. We would not like to be spoken to in a negative way so therefore we should also be careful of how we speak to others too. It is important to communicate effectively in order that information is understood and to avoid confusion or delay. It is important to adapt the way we communicate, because different audiences require different communication styles, that way you have a better chance of being understood e. g in the way you would communicate with a child as to an adult. Communication is a two way process, it involves speaking, listening, hearing, understanding and replying. Communication can be both verbal and non-verbal. Sometimes non-verbal communication has a more powerful impact than verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication includes all kinds of emotional expressions, actions, body language. If we communicate something positive, it brings back something positive to us, that is why developing a positive relationship is so important, this way we are more likely to inspire confidence and trust. Adults should act as positive role models to the children that are in their care, it is vital to develop good, appropriate relationships with children, staff, parents and any other adults involved in the childвs care and learning.
Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. Communication is something we learn to do from birth. A baby will communicate with its parent or carer mainly by crying to alert them to the fact that they are hungry, tired, need changing etc. As we get older we learn many different ways of communicating, however sometimes what we are trying to get across to the other person can be lost in translation and that is why effective communication is important. There are two types of communication, verbal and non-verbal. Examples of verbal include face to face talking, talking on the phone, shouting and speaking quietly. Non-verbal communication includes pictures, body language and facial expression. Good communication is important when working with children, young people and parents/carers. It involves listening, questioning and responding to what is being said by them.

It is important to be able to communicate on a one to one basis and in a group. Communication is a two way process and it is not just about the words you use, but also your manner of speaking, body language and how you listen. We also need to use clear and simple communication, especially when talking to young children. For example when we ask a child do something we need to ensure that it is clear what is expected of them. In this instance it helps greatly if you get down to the child?? вs level, being towered over by someone can be very intimidating. By doing this you can engage in eye contact with the child and this, together with the tone of your voice, can help get across exactly what is being requested of the child. It can also help to ask the child to repeat back you what has been asked of them to ensure that they fully understand. Effective communication is not just about speaking and listening. It is also about watching and feeling. Our body language and tone of voice actually communicate more strongly than the words we use. So, listening effectively involves tuning in closely to the other person?? вs body language and tone of voice as well as their words. When we listen effectively to a child, young person or adult we help build trust as they will believe that we are focused 100% on them and what it is they are asking of us.

Trust also goes hand in hand with being approachable. If we are seen as being approachable when a child, young person or parent/carer has a problem they will feel more sure of coming to you with their issue as they feel you will have the time for them. It is also important to be a good role model. By doing this you can communicate to a child the importance of how to go about doing something by doing it yourself. For example when a child sees you speaking with respect to other children and adults they will learn that this is the correct way to talk to people. The old adage of do as I do not do as I say is very important in situations like this. Children learn by example and as an authoritative figure in their lives it is important that we treat other people we come into contact with respect and courtesy. It is important that we create a happy environment for the child in school, this will ensure that it is a place they enjoy coming to and feel secure and safe. When a child feels like this it makes it easier for them to come to you if they have any issues or problems. Make sure you are friendly and approachable Smile! Speak clearly and give eye contact to the person with whom you are speaking. Use positive body language and gestures. Do not interrupt or anticipate what others are going to say. If we follow these simple??? rules??? anyone can learn to become an effective communicator.

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