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why do we fall ill question and answers

P P P Fill in the Blanks An individual free of disease is known as ______. Conditions where you feel uncomfortable or uneasiness is known as _____. The health of an individual is dependent on his/her ________ and his/her ______. If garbage is not collected, _____ might breed in the area resulting in the spread of disease, like malaria. Health cannot be achieved by _______ alone. Answers: Fill in the Blanks Social environment, Economic status
Short Answer Type Questions State three importance of good health. State three points of difference between health and disease free individual. Being disease free is same as being healthy. Do you agree? If not, explain, giving example.

Answer: Short Answer Type Questions Three importance of good health are: It increases our efficiency for doing work. This increases productivity and brings economic prosperity. It makes the man happy and cheerful. A healthy person can give proper attention to others in the family. Difference between a healthy state and disease free state: Being free from disease does not guarantee to good health. If a person is suffering from the mental tension, he cannot be said fallen ill. Still, he is unhealthy. Long Answer Type Question Explain any four factors that affect the human health. Explain how individual health depends on social and mental well-being. Answers Long Answer Type Questions Factors that affect human health are: 1. a.

Public health services: Public health services ensure clean environment around our surroundings and protect public from the outbreak of diseases. It ensures removal of garbage, drainage and sewage services, proper drinking water, pest control, vaccination and other health care services. b. Economic status of an individual: Good economic condition and job are essential for maintaining good health of an individual. This enables an individual to consume wholesome balanced diet, which is very much required for keeping everyone in the family healthy. c. Social equality and H armony: Good health is required for participating in one anothers joys and sorrows, helping the others and receiving help at the time of need.

This would make everyone in the community happy and healthy. d. Personal It includes personal cleanliness such as cleaning of teeth, taking bath regularly, taking care of eyes, breathing through nose, wearing cleaned clothes, etc. Cleanliness around the place where we live. No garbage, no open drain. Mental well-being: For good health, we have to be happy, social equality and harmony are essential. P P P What do you understand by symptoms? Answer: Apparent signs which give a clue about an underlying disease are called symptoms. For example; headache, fever, abdominal cramps, etc.

What is an acute disease? Answer: A disease which appears for a short duration is called acute disease. In most of the cases, an acute disease does not result in debility. Example: cholera, diarrhea, flu, common cold, etc. What do you understand by non-infectious disease? Answer: When a disease happens because of some malfunctioning in any organ and it is not because of any microorganism, it is called non-infectious disease. A non-infectious disease may happen because of a wrong lifestyle. Some non-infectious diseases may happen because of genetic factor, i. e. they are right from the birth. Example: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, hemophilia, etc.

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