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why is my cable internet so slow

If you re experiencing slow browsing on the internet, this guide may help. If we can t help you here, the guide will show you how to contact and report the problem to us. You can also check our to see if your service is impacted by a network outage. Before you begin. - You re able to access this guide via another internet connection (eg. via a mobile or tablet)
- If you also have a Home / Office Phone with us, that it s working okay. If your phone is also not working, - To learn more about Fixed Broadband speeds,.

Using this Ip should help you get Information on you Modem Status. Remember during bad weather. all Modems will use Less channels because the ISP is unable to keep them open do to following reasons. B- Unstable realiablity through the Provider. (Yes even how many People are on Local SERVER ) Just like DSL but with Cable Internet As well. Yes im sorry you had to find out like this but this is the sad part of Cable as well. the More people in ur Town/city on internet. the slower (unstable) internet speed will get.

Example(everyone's using Comcast cable internet in ur city- Everyone getting home from work 6:30PM- internet get slower// everone's going to bed -10PM internet getting faster. and so on and so on. ) When the weather Clears up some time the service will still be slow do to power line down. or broken cable. yes when purchasing the modems on Amazon you will notice (how many channels up)& (Channels down). yes this will also happen to GIGABIT internet Modems. {Small temporary Solution}not sure it will work.

Tricking. service cable check)) through the provider as i call it. Cycle your modem 3 time. unplug ur modem. but after you plug it in. wait for light full cycle. {simply going to google. com} make sure Do this 3 times. i noticed my modem for the next 48Hours will be fast. (tricking the automated system-MSG lose cable connection. automated system will then keep ur connection healthy. this is to monitoring ur connection stability. but then goes to normal speed afte 48Hours.

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