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why is my window air conditioner leaking water

In a properly functioning air conditioner, the water drips down from the coil into a condensate pan and then exits the unit through a drain or tube. However, a clog in this drain or tube can leave a puddle to accumulate inside, which is an ideal environment for many types of harmful bacteria. In particular, a 1976 outbreak of Legionnaires' disease was caused by bacteria that spread out of the air conditioning system at Philadelphia's Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. (That's how the disease got its name: Many of the victims were attending an American Legion convention. ) While
Legionella is known to thrive in the cooling towers of large air conditioning systems like the one at that Philadelphia hotel, it does not seem to grow in smaller units.

Furthermore, dripping water isn't really stagnant, so it's extremely unlikely that the water raining down on pedestrians would be infected.

Make sure there is no obstruction in the exhaust hose and the hose is not kinked or overly bent. Make sure you don t exceed the recommended hose length of 4 or 5 feet depending on which model you have. Make sure there is ample space around the unit and there is nothing obstructing the air flow of the intake, check your manual for space requirements.

Make sure your unit is in cool mode. Check your set temperature. Make sure it is set at a cooler temperature than your room temperature. If your AC is in auto mode it is set approx 73-77 degrees. For colder air please change from auto mode to cool mode and set desired temperature. Check to make sure the unit is not in auto mode. When in auto mode the unit is factory preset to about 75 degrees and the set temp up or temp down buttons are disabled even though it appears you are setting the temperature up or down.

Make sure the unit is in cool mode by pressing the mode button and only the cool light is on and the auto light is off then you can set your desired temperature. After a few minutes the compressor will come back on. Make sure air intake is clean and filter is clean.

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