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why has my tv screen gone pink

If the monitor you have is of the Lcd type any screen distortion or color patterns can mean the LCD display has been damaged due to excessive pressure applied to it when cleaning the screen for example. If the display develops any sort of fine hair line crack, the result can be what you are seeing on your monitor screen. If you have, or know the monitor has not been dropped, hit or excessive pressure applied to the screen it`s self. Then it can mean that the ribbons used in the monitor internal to the case have moved or become unfixed from the connection points from the main circuit board of the monitor, to the lcd display ribbon contact points. This will cause all manner of problems such as what you see from a pink tinge other than pure white to screen color patterns or a loss of part of the image on the screen. It is possible to fix this problem by inspecting the ribbon connection cables internal to the monitor in question. If the monitor is a few years old, also a bad capacitor that is not working right may need to be replaced on the main board or display driver board of the monitor to remove the pink like twinge. The last problem that can go wrong deal with how the monitor get`s what we call it`s white light.

A bright white light that is used behind the physical lcd display panel so the user on the other side can see the image generated by the lcd screen its self. Two types exist cold cathode white back lighting, and Lcd based lighting. Both will exhibit a pink tinge on the user viewing side of the monitor if the wite back light, or white lcd setup fail on the top, bottom of the internal reverse of the monitor. This is a list of faults to look for when the monitor exhibits the description you have described when in use, and often one solution will fix the lcd based screen if attempted.
Thanks for the info but resetting the digital adaptor box didn't help with getting rid of the pink screen. I have a 2012 Phillips tv in my bedroom. When I was living in Los Angeles County, the Cisco digital adaptor worked great. Never had a problem during the 3 years that I used it on my Phillips tv. I recently moved to Ventura County. Time Warner sent a contractor to set up the cable in my new home. The contractor installed a new digital adaptor box (it's not Cisco.

I think it's Assys). The pink screen kept on appearing every time he turned on the tv. He tried all 3 HDMI ports and all had the same results: pink screen with no audio. He tried another new digital adaptor (again not a Cisco brand but Assys) and the same results occured: pink screen with no audio. He then installed the same new digital adaptor on my 2011 Panasonic tv in the living room and it worked perfectly. He then told me that my Phillips tv was broken. Since he believed my Phillips tv was the problem and couldn't be fixed, he was done and he left. I've been using my Firestick on my Phillips tv and it works perfectly. I tried the Firestick on every port on my Phillips tv and they all worked great, so I know my tv is not broken. I went to the Time Warner store and I got a new digital adaptor. It's not a Cisco brand. I was told by the Specialist that Cisco brand doesn't work in Ventura County. They only carry Assys. So I installed the Assys digital adaptor on my Phillips tv and the same problems occured: whenever I turned on my tv, the pink screen with no audio appeared. I spent over an hour on the phone with a Time Warner Technician and nothing was resolved.

A Time Warner technician (hopefully not another contractor but an actual employee of the company) is scheduled to come to my home to try and make the digital adaptor compatible with my Phillips tv. I did try the digital adaptor on my Panasonic tv and then I tried the set up box on my Phillips tv. Again the digital adaptor worked great with the Panasonic tv but the set up box didn't have any audio with the Phillips tv. The set up box is also Assys. There is definitely something wrong with the Assys brand not being compatible witht the Phillips tv. I am able to watch tv on my Phillips tv using the digital adaptor. Everytime I turn on my tv, the screen is pink, so then I change the cable input to another HDMI and then I change it back to the HDMI port that is connected to the digital adaptor. Then the picture and sound appear perfectly. It is quite a hassle that I have to do a 3 step process to turn on my tv to get picture and sound. I'm hoping that the technician can fix it so that when I turn on the tv, the picture and sound appear perfectly without the pink screen.

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