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why do we fall ill class 9 worksheet

CBSE Class 9 Biology Worksheet - Why do we fall ill? P- Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India. TOPIC- Why do we fall ill? the disease if we have a common cold? Q2 Why do doctors sometimes prescribe antibiotics when we have a viral cold? caused by it. If we become exposed to or infected with an infectious microbe itP
does not necessarily mean that we will develop a noticeable disease. Why not? Programme? disease belong? Q6 How does mosquito act as a vector of malaria?

Q7 Explain the terms - Immunisation, Immunity, vaccination, Vaccine. Q8 How did Edward Jenner discover vaccination? through symptom-directed treatment and use of medicines that kill microbes? Q10 What is the basis of the principle of immunization? Students must free download and practice these worksheets to gain more marks in exams. P CBSE Class 9 Biology Worksheet - Why do we fall ill? Fill in the blanks : 1. Impairment of functioning of some body system is called. 2.

Tuberculosis is a. disease. 3. Disease that can be transmitted from one individual to another are called communicable or. disease. 4. The bad odour associated with unwashed bodies is caused by. 5. An animal that spreads a disease is called a. 6. Malaria is transmitted by the female. Mosquito. 7. Disease present from the birth are called. 8. Any organism capable of producing a disease is called. 9. Disease are of two main kinds : congenital and. 10. Rabies is also called.

Match the description in column A with term / statement in column B :- Column A Column B Answers Key Objective Questions : Fill In The Blanks : 1. Disease 2. Bacterial 3. Infectious 4. bacteria 5. 6. Anopheles 7. Congenital 8. Pathogen 9. Acquired 10. Match The Column :- (i) g (ii) F (iii) h (iv) c (v) a (vi) b (vii) d (viii) Alternate Response Type Questions (True / False) 1. Health of an individual depends on the surroundings. 2. Gainful employment has no relation to individual health. 3.

On the basis of symptoms, physicians look for signs of disease. 4. High blood pressure is an infectious disease. 5. Penicillin is effective against bacteria because it inhibits their wall formation. 6. In open spaces, air borne human diseases spread rapidly. 7. AIDS spreads through sex, blood to blood contact and from mother to child. 8. Personal hygiene is basic to prevent infectious diseases. Matching Type Questions 9. Column-I Column-II 10. Column-I Column-II Column-III

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