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why does my mcafee firewall keep turning off

All Windows computers have built-in security measures in the form of a basic anti-virus program and firewall. These applications aren't as comprehensive as other advanced solutions like McAfee, which is why consumers purchase third-party protection. After installing McAfee Firewall on your computer, turn off the existing Windows Firewall. Open Control Panel and select Windows Firewall. Click "Turn Windows Firewall on or off" and then select "Turn off Windows Firewall" for both Public and Private network settings.
Ok, before I get started on a venting rant, here is the skinny.

I run Windows 8, I have had Cox Security Suite downloaded for over 5 years. Starting about a year ago, the firewall started randomly turning itself off. I have flashed the computer back to factory, reloaded CSS and only CSS, and it still does the same thing. I can be on the computer for 30 seconds, and I get a warning that the Firewall is turned off.

I turn the Firewall back on, and it could be a minute, 6 hours, or anywhere in between and I will get the message again, Your Computer May Be At Risk due to the fact that the Firewall has turned itself off yet again. Could anyone actually give me assistance on here regarding this? I have called Cox, McAfee, Cox again, McAfee again, Cox, McAfee, Cox, McAfee (do you see a pattern forming? ) I am not going to call anymore.

From this point, I am completely disgusted with the fact that I have been trying to correct this issue for over a year and cannot get the information that I need. Hundreds of other people are having the same issue, yet the Cox rep said, That s very unusual. Try downloading this free malware checker. When I refused, she said call McAfee. I JUST FACTORY RESET MY LAPTOP!!! Sorry about that, but my frustration level is maxed out at the moment.

In three days, I am going to contact Cox one last time, but not for nonTech Support, but to disconnect my services. The only reason that Cox is a cost effective internet solution is because of the equipment rental and free Internet Security applications. If these are not working, I have to find an alternative. If that alternative costs me any additional money, then Cox is no longer a cost effective option.

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why does my firewall keep turning off mcafee
why does my mcafee keep turning off
why does my mcafee firewall turn off
why does my mcafee firewall keep turning off
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