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why do we need political parties in india

Why Do We Need Political Parties Meaning of Political Parties : A political party is a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in the government. They agree on some policies and programmes for the society with a view to promote the collective good. Since there can be different views on what is good for all parties try to persuade people why their policies are better than other. They seek to implement these policies by wining popular support through elections. Thus parties reflect a fundamental political division of a society. Parties are about a part of the society and thus involve
Partisanship. Thus a party is known by which part it stands for, which policies it supports and whose interest it upholds. A political party has three components : (A) the leaders (B) the active members, and (C) the followers And too often those in power were also leaders of traditional political parties.

When such leaders are caught stealing, it becomes another stain on parties, whose prestige and allure have been steadily waning. These days, political parties are seen not as natural habitats for idealists but for fast-talking and often hypocritical opportunists and careerists. The disdain for politics as usual Б and therefore for parties locked in the status quo Б is intense, widespread, global. This is why anti-politics, the rejection of traditional politics and its practitioners, is such a popular instinct today. The case of Tiririca vividly illustrates why. In 2010 Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, known professionally as, ran for a congressional seat in Brazil, campaigning in costume.

His message was honest and straightforward: БI donБt know what a representative in Congress does, but if you send me there I will tell you. Б He also explained that his goal was Бto help people in need in this country Б but especially my family. Б At the time, it was easy to dismiss TiriricaБs run as an extreme anti-political gesture that could happen only in a rowdy young democracy like BrazilБs. But not for long. The sentiment that propelled Tiririca to victory is similar to that which drove the political success of the comedian in Italy, or that of Mr. Trump, a reality TV show host. Both men were able to undermine the power of dominant parties. While Mr. GrilloБs sought to displace ItalyБs political machine by positioning himself as a radical outsider, Mr.

Trump took on traditional politics as a radical insider, staging a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. Mr. TrumpБs appeal to in Washington. Mr. GrilloБs scorching denunciation of the БcasteБ that in his view ran Italy to the ground. DemonstratorsБ banners in Brazil imploring voters to Бthrow them all out. Б These examples resonate in similar ways. Amid skepticism of establishment politicians, unconventional candidates like Beppe Grillo, an outspoken Italian comedian, are gaining traction. These days, calls for a new political order usually require the ouster of political parties and elected leaders, and in many cases that is the correct call. Corrupt and ineffectual organizations need to be replaced by effective ones.

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