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why is my window air conditioner freezing up

How Do I Fix My Frozen Air Conditioner? Your air conditioner is frozen. Now your house is hot, and you re sweating. That s not good. How did this happen? 1. Airflow Is Restricted
The air conditioner is designed to take heat from your house to decrease temperature. If there isn t enough airflow over the evaporator coil, the heat exchange cannot happen as designed. The coil is too cold and drops to freezing levels. Humidity in the air makes contact with the coil and moisture condenses on the surface. The condensation freezes on the coils, and you ve got a frozen air conditioner. This is the most common reason window and central air units freeze up. Impeded airflow could result from either a dirty filter, blocked ductwork or dirty or blocked evaporator coil. 2. Air Conditioning Unit is Low on Refrigerant Your air conditioner is liable to freeze when refrigerant levels are too low. Even when there is less refrigerant in your system, it must expand the same amount. With more expansion comes a cooler temperature. Once again, the coil falls below freezing and moisture from the air condenses and freezes on the coils. Remember if this is the case, your! Some HVAC technicians will try to convince you air conditioners occasionally need to be recharged and bill you for frequent service calls.

If your unit is low on refrigerant, it is leaking and needs repairs. 3. Air Conditioner Freezing Up at Night? The Temperature Is Too Low! You don t want to run the air conditioner all day, every day. Not only because it costs a pretty penny, but because it can cause serious problems with your unit. Pay attention to the temperature if it falls too low while your unit is running, it may freeze. Lower outside temperatures decrease pressure in the unit, and, much the same as in the case of low refrigerant, lower pressure means the coils get too cold. Moisture from the air condenses and freezes on the coil. You ll run into problems when the temperature reaches about 62 F. To be safe, shut off the air conditioner when outside temperatures reach 65 F at night. 4. A/C Parts are Broken or Malfunctioning This is potentially the worst option for your piggy bank. Check to see if the refrigerant line is kinked. Is the fan dinged or out of balance? If the refrigerant line, blower fan or motor is broken beyond repair, you will likely need to enlist the aid of an HVAC technician and pay for replacement parts.

If the damage is bad enough, you may need to consider replacing the unit entirely. You don t want to have to call an HVAC technician out to your house if you can help it. If your A/C unit is frozen and you want to attempt to fix it yourself, take the following steps: Turn off the air conditioner. Allow the coil to defrost. Check the air filter. If it is dirty or clogged, replace immediately. Check the evaporator coil. If it is dirty, clean it using compressed air, commercial cleaners or a water/detergent mix. Check ductwork for obstructions, leaks, bends or disconnections. Ensure no registers are blocked. Remove registers and look inside duct. If it appears dirty, have your ductwork cleaned by professionals. If your air conditioner is still frozen, it means your refrigerant is low or the blower or refrigerant line is damaged. Contact the Waukesha HVAC experts at Hot Point. Of course, the best way to avoid having to do DIY repairs on your air conditioner in a scorching hot house is to perform regular inspections on your unit before a problem arises. Take any of the following precautions and you greatly decrease the chance of ever running into this problem: But if all your preparation is for naught and your unit freezes up, you know who to call.

The HVAC professionals at Hot Point have years of experience troubleshooting, fixing and in Delafield, Oconomowoc, Hartland and the rest of Waukesha County. Whether it's a window or central air units, we'll repair or replace it any time, day or night. Contact us today for an HVAC service quote. Our are available for your emergency air conditioner repair 24 hours a day. Call our service line now at 262-567-9505. The cause of this problem could be as simple as a dirty air filter or it could be crimped, disconnected ductwork or even improperly-sized ductwork. Б The refrigerant is not being metered properly into the cooling coil, (too little is being released). A clogged capillary tube or a frozen, dirty, stuck thermostatic expansion valve can cause this trouble. (the Evaporator Coil)? can block or reduce air flow across the cooling coil, leading to coil frost. This is the first component a homeowner should check since the cleaning and replacing the air filter, is so easy. assembly: an air handler blower unit that is not moving as much air as it should will be blowing too little air across the evaporator coil.

This is a less likely but possible cause of frost build-up on the cooling coil. : When an air conditioning or refrigeration unit evaporator coil becomes sufficiently blocked with debris as to slow down the air flow enough, the coil may actually become so cold that the condensate forming on its surface freezes, completely blocking the coil. Б The refrigerant charge is too low. If there is a refrigerant leak, the first symptom may be coil icing; but later as refrigerant continues to be lost, all cooling may be lost and the coil will no longer be frosted or iced over. It's better to find and fix the refrigerant leak. or frost. To eliminate the ice or frost, turn the unit to. The unit should fairly quickly ( 5 - 15 minutes). Then, run the unit in mode until the coils or vents are dry or nearly dry. are dry, turn the, but set the to start. The compressor will run until the in the room reaches the set point, and then cycle off. off, any ice that may have accumulated on the coils or around the vents melts. Over time, gradually the temperature setting a few degrees at a time, so that the continues to cycle on and off, until you reach the temperature you want.

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