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why do we open presents on christmas

This is a tradition that dates back to your parents, handed down from generation to generation, and can change over time too, but not everyone does the same thing when it comes to opening Christmas presents. Some people have the tradition in which they open one gift on Christmas Eve and that would be their Christmas pyjamas so that when they wake on Christmas morning, they ll be wearing their Christmas PJs. Others open gifts on Christmas Eve so that it will be pretty much empty underneath the tree, giving Santa plenty of room to leave a ton more presents.

Then there are those who wait until Christmas morning to unwrap all the gifts. Well, in my family tradition, we wait for after church on Christmas Day to unwrap our gifts and then enjoy our Christmas lunch with friends and family. So, basically, each family has their own tradition as to which day presents should be opened. Itвs up to you whether you choose to open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Whatever you do, Christmas should always reflect the true meaning of the occasion and that is the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. Click to receive news links viaВ. OrВ f
or the latest news, visit ourВ В or follow us onВ В andВ В Join us there! Do You Open Presents On Christmas Eve Or Christmas Day? by December 20, 2017 8:45 AM It is a Christmas tradition for many of us over the years that we open our Christmas presents on Christmas day, but in a discussion at the office Christmas party the answer to the when do you open presents question had a few different answers.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year but since I have a family now some of my old Christmas traditions are being modified a bit. When I was a kid growing up the tradition was to open your presents on Christmas day, now with my bigger family including all of the cousins and aunts and uncles we meet at our granny Sue s house on Christmas eve and exchange presents on Christmas eve from our secret Santa list.

Then on Christmas day our kids get to open presents from us and Santa of course at our house with our entire family there. I have heard of a single present being opened on Christmas eve as well like Christmas PJ s and such. When do you open your Christmas presents? On Christmas Eve? Christmas Day? Or even on another day? Let us know in the comments.

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