why do we have mice in our house

Another obvious sign of their presence in your home is evidence of urine and mouse droppings. Rodents will go out of their way to urinate on things. ItБs a form of
and also communication with other members in the group Б directing them to available food sources. Ever heard of urine pillars? In the case of heavy and long term unmanaged infestations, the continued urination from rodents on the same spot will eventually lead to a build-up of material called a urine pillar. Urine pillars are essentially vertical towers of pee combined with the grease from their fur. Pillars can be found on kinks in the ground or anything that sticks out Б like the bottom half of a screw for example. Within a mischief of mice or rats (yes, that is the official term for a group), they can also tell from the smell of the urine whether it was left by a male or female, the identity of the exact individual and even (if left by a female) if she is ready to mate! You could also find up to 80 small mouse droppings following one nighttime excursion in your kitchen! Why Do I Have Mice? August 29, 2017 Categories:, It is a dark and stormy night. Youve popped the corn, iced the tea, and settled into your favorite chair for a relaxing night of. As you immerse yourself in the latest Hollywood zombie flick, you hear a faint scratching noise coming from the kitchen. With white knuckles and bated breath, you creep warily into the darkened room, flipping the switch on your flashlight and hoping that youre just imagining things.

Thats when you see it. You see the reflection of two tiny, beady eyes staring back at you from your countertop. PIts a. P0. 8 ounces of disease-ridden vermin, feasting on your leftover birthday cake on the counter, and grinning viciously at you with those giant, evil fangs Sounds like the stuff of horror movies. PIts really not. PMice are a pest that needs to be dealt with but its best to keep a cool head when doing so. PHere are some points to bear in mind. Got Rodents? Call a knowledgeable licensed professional atP 1-800-323-PEST PorP But my house is clean? When mice come invade your home or business, it does NOT mean youve done anything wrong. They are scavengers and they find food and shelter wherever they can. If your place looks appealing, they will be excited about a visit. Mice are explorers and are always on the lookout for shelter, water, and food. PIf you have an unwanted guest, it doesnt mean your place is dirty or messy. PIts just a target of opportunity for a mouse. Signs You Have Mice. There are several indicators that can help you determine if you have a mouse problem. Mouse droppings are about the size of a kernel of rice. PDroppings that are much larger than that could mean youre looking at a infestation instead. PIf you have any amount of dust, Por even flour on your floor or counter, you may even be able to see their footprints.

PMice are a gnawing rodent, so be alert for evidence of chewing on wood, electrical wires, food packaging, or even loose paper. Also, if you listen carefully, usually around dawn or dusk, you may hear mice or rats scampering behind the walls, inside crawl spaces or in cabinets. The Risks. Having these rodents in your home is a definite health risk. PNot only can they carry a variety of diseases, they can spread other germs and bacteria through their contact with your food. PThe bacteria can be spread in their droppings, urine, or even through their bite. PMice and rats have been known to gnaw through electrical wires, and that can potentially cause a structure fire. PAlso, when mice decide to move into your space, they can bring fleas, ticks, and other uninvited parasites with them. P Prevention. There are several things you can do to help prevent a mouse problem. PAlways store your garbage in rodent-proof containers, and refrain from throwing table scraps into a compost pile, as that will attract unwanted attention. PMake sure you dont leave food for your pet outside all the time, as this is an easy meal for a rodent. PYour bird feeders should always be rodent proof and keep the seeds from accumulating on the ground. PKeep the yard clean, free of debris and places where a mouse could nest. Leaf piles, lumber, firewood, and even dense shrubs and plants can become a rodents multi-family housing unit.

PIf you have fruit or nut trees, make sure you keep them cleaned up off the ground, as they are a natural food source. PMake sure you also avoid leaving any standing water, as mice always love a nice, refreshing drink. RELATED: Inspection. You should periodically perform a thorough examination of your home to see where rodents could be gaining access. Holes in baseboards, screens, and any gaps for plumbing or electrical wiring can become highways for mice to travel. PPWatch out for cracks in your foundation, and any gaps near your air vents or attic. PA mouse can squeeze itself through an opening the size of a dime, so be on the lookout for the tiniest of holes. PAll it takes is a single mouse to ruin your evening. PDont let yourself become a victim. PThis is one horror movie that can actually have a happy ending. The Modern Difference If you find yourself waging war against rodents, Modern Pest Services can help. Our HomeCare Green service provides year-round protection from 60 different types of pests including! With seasonal treatments designed to target New Englands unique pest concerns, our highly trained team of professionals have the skills, equipment, and knowledge it takes to tackle any pest issue P guaranteed! P Contact the professionals at Modern Pest Services for a POr call 1-800-323-PEST.

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