why do we need your email address

Why we need your e-mail address. Email is our primary means of communicating with you regarding the status of
your order. We need your email address to send you an order receipt, automatic
shipment notifications, and other order status information. We respect our
customers privacy. We will not lend, sell, or rent your email address
to anyone, so you never have to worry that your e-mail address would ever be
used outside of our business.

In addition, if you would not like to receive any emails regarding coupons,
specials, and new products, you can easily opt-out on the "review order" page
at the end of this checkout. If you do not opt-out, and decide later you would
not like to receive any more emails from us, there is a 1-click unsubscribe
link at the bottom of every one of our emails.
security-sensitive (eg forgotten password reset token), or recurring/high-quantity, to avoid harassing some other person whose address has been entered.

This is typically more about weeding out incorrect addresses that have been entered by mistake than some malicious attack.

If you never intend to send mail to the address, you're only really using it as a fixed-format username and there is no particular need to validate it. But I would imagine that's an option you probably want to keep open. E-mail validation is not about rate-limiting sign-ups.

It's totally ineffective at this for anything but low-motivation/untargeted attacks, because there is no scarcity factor on e-mail addresses. It's trivial for an attacker to register some domains, use unlimited random e-mail addresses on them, and validate using an automated tool reading their inboxes.

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