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why do we need maths in our daily life

Can you imagine going to the store and paying for your groceries
with a $100 bill. You just stand there and wait for the change, but
have no idea how much it should be, or what amount of change you should
receive. This is kind of like a first grader starting to use money,
isn't it. They are all excited about spending and paying although
they know nothing about doing math. Math is the one skill you need to master in your life, even if it
is the only one, you will at least be able to live without being cheated,
robbed or abused. You see, without math we just cannot live or survive. We need math in our everyday lives. Just doing the basic essentials
is dependant on your ability to do math. Let's take for instance time, in today's society one cannot survive
without a watch. Just make an experiment and see how many times a
day you use your watch. From getting up in the morning to going from
one place to another, and going to bed at night, time is as essential
as breathing to us. We are creatures of habit, planning every minute
of our lives. Driving from one city to another requires some basic skill in math. How else will you know the distance, how long it will take you to
get there, or even be able to read the road signs?

Planning your time
has become a dependent way of life. At some point in your life math will become boring, difficult and
irrelevant, and you might think that this is not for you, but do you
realize the severity of existing without math. Math will make you
smarter and put you ahead of the pack, so that you might just be able
to get your dream job. Basically every good position in the business
world requires some form of math. Without math you won't be able to do science, nursing, engineering,
become a doctor or even get a business degree. Our very livelihood
is dependant on our ability to calculate, subtract or multiply. You
could skip math but then you would just have to be satisfied with
working at the local diner. Serving soft drinks and washing floors,
and even then, you need some math skills. Doing every kind of sport requires a basic skill of knowing distance
and calculating. In all of these you need to know math to understand
strategy and planning your next move. Without math you won't be able
to succeed in doing sports, and if you desire to excel in this area,
you have to be smart. Gone are the days when it was the lazy ones
that did sports. Today if you want to receive a sports scholarship
you need to be smart.

Sports have become a very competitive arena
and only the fittest and the smartest will survive. What about the world of gigs, hard drives, codes and data. Everything
is dependant upon fast, easy and quick information. Every business
has a computer and someone that knows how to work on it. Even a secretary
needs some basic math skills. It's essential to her very livelihood. So, why is math important in your life? We live in a fast growing
sector of information and without math you won't be able to keep up. Don't lose your momentum, but be the wolf ahead of the pack. Leading
them, and not following them. Be the trendsetter by becoming the best
you can be. Use your mind to your advantage!
Math is an important part of our lives because it is everywhere, and understanding mathematical concepts and being able to calculate mathematical problems can help you in a variety of ways. For example, say you want to have the latest Shopkins or Lego^ set. If you earn allowance for doing chores at home and you know how to multiply or add groups of numbers, you can figure out how many weeks it will take you to have enough money to buy the toys you want! On another note, say you want to walk or ride your bike to school and your mom will let you, but you have to calculate how much time it will take you so you can be sure youll arrive on time.

You need to know the distance to school from your starting point and the amount of time it takes you to walk and/or bike to school. Once you measure the distance and know how long it takes you to travel per block, you can add or multiply to determine how much time you need to arrive at school on time. With this information, you can impress your mom and you might get to ride your bike or walk to school. Also, your mom just might let you do more things independently because now youve shown her that you can use critical thinking skills to solve problems! In addition to problem-solving to gain things you want, understanding mathematical concepts also helps you understand the world around you. Math is a science based on logic (what makes sense) and patterns (repeating designs or shapes), which you will find everywhere you look. Your mind is wired to look for patterns to make sense of things in the world; math is the building block for this. Noticing patterns in the world helps your mind process and understand information better and more quickly. Now wouldnt that feel good?

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why do we need math in life
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why do we need to learn mathematics
why do we need math in everyday life
why do we have to learn math
why do we need maths in our lives
why do we need math in everyday life