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why do vampires and werewolves hate each other

Why Do Vampires and Werewolves Hate Each Other? WeБve all read it in books and seen it in movies and on TV, that bitter rivalry between vampires and werewolves, the intense hatred the two share, but has anyone thought to ask why? Why do these two supernatural entities hate each other so much? Why are writers constantly pitting them against each other? Out of all the books and movies I have read and seen the only one to explain it is Underworld. The werewolves hate the vampires because the vamps forced them into slavery, which triggered a war that lasted centuries. Eventually neither side remembers what started it all, but they are so far into it that the hatred is fused into their minds. That is just one explanation, most other writers have yet to give any reason for the animosity, but I have a few theories:
It could simply be a competition of sorts, a sense of pride of who you are. Take the rivalry between sports teams or countries for example Б they go against each other because they think they are the best. They dislike one another because they think that they are far superior, and because of that, a challenge is born and each side rises to the occasion, ready to prove to the other that they are the greatest.

Vampires and werewolves are the same, each side thinks that they are the superior race, and they feel the need to go against each other to prove it. Another thing is that they are very different from one another, and as history has shown us countless times, people often seek to destroy what is different. Vampires are often portrayed as aristocratic and noble beings with an insatiable lust for blood. Whereas werewolves are usually shown as a bit more laid back, a little rough around the edges with the need to destroy everything in their path once a month. Two very different, yet equally destructive, creatures. Werewolves hate that vampires drink blood, vampires hate that werewolves have a wild dangerous beast inside them. Werewolves think vampires are filthy leeches, vampires think werewolf are lowly dogs. On and on. So to me, itБs an issue of superiority complexes and differences. All about who is the bigger badder monster. What do you guys think? Why do werewolves and vampires hate each other? Most "real-life" legends and folklore mention little or nothing about any animosity between these two supernaturals. The myths most commonly thought of when you hear those terms, from Eastern Europe, actually mostly state that either werewolves become vampires when they're killed and not properly disposed of, or that the two creatures are the same thing.

Probably the first movie source for a conflict between a werewolf and vampire is Dracula vs. The Wolfman. That was simply because you had these two awesome supernatural creatures and wanted to see who'd win; pure pulp fiction. It wasn't until later that the whole "Fur vs Fang" thing was fleshed out by novelists and screenwriters to provide more of a historical source for the feud. Obviously the only similarity between most of the more popular backstories is that they don't much like each other: Underworld has the two races sharing a common ancestor, with the wolf ancestor being an uncontrollable monster that most of the vampire race were created specifically to counter. The wolves were then enslaved by the vampires, which eventually fostered a hatred among werewolves that led to the war. Both perpetuate the species by "infecting" humans with a virus, and apparently it takes a pretty strong human to survive the ordeal and "twist" the virus's effects to gain immortality. Harry Potter mentions that vampires and werewolves exist, but doesn't go very deeply into their backstories and mentions no racial animosity; the only vampire I remember from HP is pretty much comic relief in one of Slughorn's parties.

The werewolves are covered more, as Lupin, a prominent backstory and supporting character, is one, and the affliction is considered a disease that is incurable but manageable. In Twilight the Quileute "werewolves" are actually more "shape-shifters" that came upon the ability genetically, completely independent of their encountering vampires. The hatred is mostly on the part of the werewolves towards the vampires due to their first encounter with a vampire; the vampires usually could care less until they have the pack nipping at their heels. Real "Children of the Moon" also exist, but they are little more than a throwaway mention in the last chapters of Breaking Dawn, to differentiate the Quileutes from the vampires' ancient enemy. True Blood makes werewolves relatives of "shifters", along with were-panthers, were-tigers etc all under the general heading of "two-natured" beings. Being a "were-something" is mostly genetic, and the books and HBO series apparently disagree on whether it's possible to become one (or something like it) by being bitten; the book says it's possible, but one bite won't do it, while the HBO series had it fail to work in the same situation.

Being a shifter is purely genetic; you can't become one by being bitten, and apparently it is a dominant trait (the two children of Maudette Pickens with her non-shifter husband, including Sam Merlotte, are both shifters). There's a low-lying antagonism between vampires and all two-natured, but they're not sworn enemies. Vampire Diaries apparently hasn't gone too deep into werewolves YET (other than that they exist and vampires fear them because they're actually a match for them, kind of like in Twilight), and I don't follow the show, so I can't speak too much for it. All of this more recent fiction about vampires and werewolves is mostly along the lines of "wouldn't it be cool if. ", and "yes, but you have to deal with. ". That's ALL pretty recent; as recently as the early 1900s, even the rumor that someone was either of these things was cause for a lynch mob. It wasn't until later, with the rise of mass media and commercialization, that we come to the state of affairs we're at now.

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