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why guys lose interest in their girlfriends

Biologically speaking, women are looking for a mate that is stable, successful, so that they would be able to provide for their offspring. Men are looking for women that are going to be fertile, birth well, and well. is something he can be attracted to so he can impregnate her. br /
The stereotype that women go for rich guys and men go for hot girls. biologically, it kind of makes sense. br / Still. that s just nature, and biology is simply one aspect of our HUMAN nature. A person that has strong willpower can have desires and deflect them in the name of honor, respect, and loyalty. thus, you find women that do not look for men simply due to their social status and ability to provide, and you know men that remain loyal to their loved one even if they are tempted to stray (who isn t ever tempted? seriously? ) In the end, it comes down to the decision in that moment when that man decides to succumb to temptation. he either does or he doesn t, and not all men make the decision to succumb. Guys losing interest in a relationship is one clich most ladies never come to terms with. He probably must have chased you for weeks and months, then suddenlyPthe guy gets tired and is probably looking for a way out, and your once prince charming no longer treats you like the queen he used to call you.

This is one common thing in a relationship; guys tend to lose interest quickly, some relationships even ends before it starts. What went wrong is the question most ladies would keep asking. Ladies really get hurt by this and this is one act that can dampen the self-esteem of a lady. Actually, a guy can lose interest for so many reasons but I bring you the common reasons that mostly change a guy s attitude overnight. P 1. MAYBE HE WASN T REALLY INTERESTED IN YOU Almost every guy does this, it s more like a hunting game and who would be crowned king in a jungle. Guys sometimes chase a lady as a sport or a hobby, he might not probably be interested in you but he would just want to lurk after you. I ve seen a number of guys do this for no just cause and that s why it is necessary for every lady to study a guy wisely. It s not even about not rushing into a relationship, you can take the whole time in the world and still make the wrong decision; it s about studying the guy wisely. If you think this kinda guy is a jerk, you need to see the next 2. HIT AND RUN PROSPECT A hit and run prospect is even worse than the earlier type of guy discussed. A hit and run prospect is the kind of guy that s only interested in s*x and s*x alone; a hit and run prospect doesn t have that patience for a long relationship, once he s had enough, it s au revoir.

Now this kind of guy is called a jerk, he doesn t see the real value in a woman; s*x is the only thing in his mind. 3 FOUND SOMEONE ELSE Now this is frustrating, this is the one that mostly makes a lady irritated as well as frustrated; when they say yes to a guy and after a while they notice he has lost interest just because of another lady. When a guy gets a new lady, he sees her as a new car; he becomes so pumped up and happy, but this to me isn t a sign of maturity; you don t go around tampering with people s feelings like it s just a cup of ice cream. 4. SCARED TO GET SERIOUS Whether you like it or not, so many guys get scared when a lady starts taking the relationship so serious. I once did a piece on I think you need to check that out. A serious relationship to some guys is like a nightmare; they dread it. 5. S*X WASN T GOOD ENOUGH Most guys love s*x, no, let me re-phrase that; almost every guy loves s*x and so many see it as a priority. When the s*x is boring or, it can make a guy lose interest in the lady and the relationship.

Good s*x would keep the relationship energized but the opposite can make the relationship boring. 6. NOT WHAT HE EXPECTED When judging someone from afar, they might look like the best thing ever but the case might be different when you get closer. Sometimes from afar a lady might just be the perfect one for a guy and he would kill to have her ; he may finally get that lady and she could be totally different from what he saw on the outside. This could kill that hunger and ginger he had for that lady and he might end up losing interest. 7. YOU PROBABLY DROVE HIM AWAY This is one viable option most ladies fail to look at; ladies tend to blame every other person but themselves for relationship failings. A lady s attitude and character can clearly make a man get tired of a relationship. There are so many things guys don t like and when you do them persistently he may get tired, even if he loves you. You probably need to read So ladies now you know, 7 solid reasons why guys lose interest in you; hope you found this piece educating and interesting. But no matter what, I don t think you should give up on men, because when you find that right one, even your flaws might seem too perfect for him. Have a blessed day. ShawnP

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