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why do we need legislation in health and social care

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If a child comes to nursery with a bump on the head this needs to be noted to make sure the parent does not blame the nursery. This promotes the safety of the child because it makes sure the nursery is always on hand to know when, what time and why an accident happened. Say problems occur in the future and an accident happened at nursery (nurseries are required to keep their accident records for 21 years) then they may be able to link it to something that happened to the child then. This may prevent lots of testing or anything for the future. The Data protection act (1998) defines the UK law on the processing on identifying living people. In a youth residential home all files need to be locked away in a filing cabinet or they need to be in a password protected computer. This is to protect the child. If someone finds out the information like where their child is and they have been abusing the child then they may be able to kidnap the child or even kill the child. This would all be down to the fact the act was not followed properly. With children in nurseries or in youth care homes fire doors etc are essential in the safety of the service users because they will not have the capabilities to inhale as much smoke as a healthy adult.

Every aspect of this act needs to be thought about in detail and a good plan needs to be set out. Practises and fire drills need to take place to make sure people know what they are doing and to make sure there is time to evacuate everyone safely. The health and safety (first aid) regulations (1981) make sure that the employer has someone there at all times to tend to someone who needs first aid there and then. In nurseries there has to be a first aider present at all times. To promote individual? s safety this act is ideal as if a service user needs first aid there is always someone there to deal with them primarily and if it is serious then until the ambulance arrives. Without it people could even die. In this report I have aimed to explain the acts in detail and why they are so important to health and social care settings. Without any of them nothing would be able to run and if something did go wrong then the setting would be liable. Sara-Louise Billows
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The delivery of care and support is changing and becoming more complex. This can lead to a lack of consistency in the service provided and difficulty in regulating care. Standards help with consistency as they ensure those working in the sector meet a high level of quality when providing care and support. Legislation has also been introduced to help do this. We ve developed a variety of tools and resources to help you meet some of the standards set for adult social care. In this section of the website you ll find information on the, the minimum standards that should be covered as part of induction training of new care workers, and the. The standards we recommend that all new and aspiring managers complete. There s guidance on how to meet, as well as resources to support you adhere to the and the. Have a look at the which sets the standard of conduct expected of all adult social care workers and healthcare support workers in England. You ll also find details of the, tools for benchmarking qualifications as well as defining roles at work. If you re thinking of we have guidance and tools to help.

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