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why does breathing rate increase after exercise

Exercise increases the rate at which energy is needed from food. This increases the need for
both food and oxygen in the body. This is why your pulse rate and breathing rate increase with exercise. Your pulse is just an indication of your heart rate as your arteries expand each timethe ventricles pump blood out of the heart. Your heart speeds up to pump extra food and oxygen to the muscles. Breathing speeds up to get more oxygen and to get rid of more carbon dioxide.

When a fit person, such as an athlete, exercises the pulse rate, breathing rate and lactic acid levels rise much less than they do in an unfit person. The time which it takes for pulse and breathing rate to return to normal is called the
recovery time, and the fitter you are, the shorter your recovery time. During exercise, the muscle cells respire more than they do at rest. This means: This is achieved by increasing the breathing rate and heart rate.

The increase in heart rate can be detected by measuring the pulse rate. The stroke volume also increases this is the volume of blood pumped each beat. The total cardiac output can be calculated using the equation: Cardiac output = stroke volume x heart rate During hard exercise, the oxygen supply may not be enough for the needs of the muscle cells. When this happens, anaerobic respiration takes place, as well as aerobic respiration.

Fit people are able to carry out physical activities more effectively than unfit people. Their pulse rate is likely to return to normal more quickly after exercise. But being fit is not the same as being healthy. Healthy people are free from disease and infection: they may or may not be fit as well. It is possible to be fit but unhealthy, or healthy but unfit.

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