why do we need hate crime laws

Bill Dobbs, activist
Racism and homophobia cannot be solved by longer prison sentences. Wade Henderson, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights We cannot outlaw hate, but laws shape attitudes. Tish Durkin, columnist Don t codify the idea that certain kinds of human life have greater value than other kinds. James B. Jacobs, law professor Once intended to fight hard-core hate mongers, bias crimes now affect mostly mixed-up teenagers.

Chris Anders, American Civil Liberties Union Laws must punish the crime, not objectionable beliefs. Hayley Gorenberg, Lambda Legal Hate should be recognized and opposed in all its forms. Last night, Slate s and I faced off at WNYC s on the issue of hate crimes. Stern defended the laws.

He spoke forcefully and eloquently about the need to protect vulnerable communities from crimes of bias. I, resident black social justice warrior, argued against hate crime legislation. I said that we should punish people based on what they do, not based on their biases. It was all for a new show from WNYC Studios called. The audience got involved, and it was pretty lit.

Here s the livestream of last night s event. If you are interested in the issue, or just want to see other liberals beat me over the head with my own arguments, check it out. Next month: Should we repeal and replace the Constitution? Elie Mystal is an editor of Above the Law and the Legal Editor for. He can be reached on Twitter, or at. He will resist.

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