why do we have flies in your house

When the flies come through cracks in your walls or through open doors and windows it's often difficult to get out. They fly toward the light of windows, but when the windows are closed, the flies can't escape. Blow flies won't breed additional generations once inside your home, unless more animals die inside the walls or in the attic, for example. House flies, however, can lay eggs inside your garbage can before you even know you have a problem. They gravitate toward sugary liquids for food, but they'll also land on anything sitting out, including meat, which blow flies also enjoy.

Because both species thrive in bacteria-ridden areas, they carry that bacteria with them when they touch your food. This can transmit diseases to you when you eat the infected food, including salmonella, E. coli and cholera.
So two night ago I noticed about 5 flies in my bedroom. Gross! Killed them. Then last night when I got home there were literally dozens of them in the house.

I went on a rampage, killed a bunch, and ran to the store for fly strips. This morning I did the same and then left for the day. tonight when I got home it was like they all came back! I scoured the house and cannot find any rhyme or reason. garbage is sealed, no food sitting out, kitchen is clean, it s just BIZARRE. They seem to be concentrated in my living room area and bedroom (EUW!!!! ), hanging out mostly in the windows. I m really at a loss. I have two small dogs so I don t want to go the toxic fogger route, but SOMETHING S got the happen.

I haven t smelled anything weird (like something dying beneath the house, in the walls, on the roof, etc. ). I do live near a rather wild area so maybe something died a few yards over, but WTF??? I just wrote a note to my neighbor to see if he s having the same issues, trying to find if it my house specifically or our area, but no response yet. Any ideas/help? This is DISGUSTING!!! thanks!

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