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why is my verizon phone not working

Ok. I'm a tech guy and ran my own experiment. As of about 6 months ago. Straight talk has these sim kits for about $50-60 at Walmart depending on your area. The sim kits contain 3 sim cards packs with 3 Sims in each. Micro, nano, regular so all 3 sizes for all carriers. I bought a Verizon phone off eBay (make sure the phone is clean esn and paid off if it was on a financed plan). I inserted the verizon sim card (into the galaxy note 3, samsung s5, and Motorola bionic, those were the 3 verizon phones I tested). I learned the hard way I had to purchase an "apn access code" for like another $11 I think, it was done online and instant and instructions on how to program that apn into the phones.

After that, it took about 3 hours for all services to completely function, but I did get 4glte via Verizon towers. The key is buying a Verizon phone, if you buy an att phone, then use the att sim card pack, again the straight talk sim card kit comes with like 9 sim cards for the diff carriers and sizes. This all started (after research, straight made an agreement with the carriers and that's when the sim card kit launched) you do not need an unlocked phone though most carriers will walk you through unlocking your phone as long as you have had service with them for 12 months (this is also new standard). If you want to buy specifically a straight talk phone that works on Verizon towers, you have 2 options.

When your in walmart, look on the package that has the red usa map, this indicates that phone works on Verizon. You should quickly see that the multiple phones will have the diff color usa maps printed on the box, blue is for att, pink is tmobile, red is verizon, I think green or yellow is sprint. This is the more accurate way. But they are not the best of phones. So if you go online and see the s3 for sale, you have to call and ask for the verizon model (the problem with this is, they don't always send the verizon model), but given the s3 is like $300 on straight talk, you mind as well go on ebay and buy a Verizon note 3 for like $250, it's 4 times faster and larger screen.

Note: I have heard problems with iPhone coming from other carriers doing the "BYOP" sim card kit. I don't use iPhone as it lacks in features compared to android, so I do not know about bringing Iphones over. I am honestly shocked apple is even still in business, I give them credit for hanging in there. You figure after a company loses a battle for 8 years straight they would just give up. I give my blessing that one year apple may just beat android to break the cycle, unlikely, but who knows android may slip up, they all do eventually.
You can reset your voice mail passcode over the phone or on the My Verizon website.

To reset the password over the phone for Verizon Wireless numbers, dial "*611" from your cellular phone. Select the option to reset the voice mail passcode from the main menu and follow the prompts. For Verizon landline phones, the customer care number varies depending on your location. Go to verizon. com and click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page, and then click "Call Us. " To reset your passcode online, navigate to verizonwireless. com or verizon. com and log in to your My Verizon account. Click "Home" and "More Actions" under the I Want To menu. Click "Change Voice Mail Password. "

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