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why do we have exams in school

Exams taught me how to learn a large, complicated subject the day before, by breaking it down into key points, and lamenting all the time you wasted in previous days. Then you just write crap loosely based on the subject at hand. It results in hilariously polarised exam scores, as some people like that style of answer, showing a broad grasp of factors affecting the question, while others only mark it for information on the subject. I still believe that the proof of Quantum Mechanics Chaos Theory can be found in my individual GCSE exam scores. I should note that this approach only works for essay based questions. you learned them the day before? most of my yeargroup do class-revision months in advance and nothing right before.

Well, I did do some revision for them in the weeks prior to an exam, maybe a half hour a day, but nothing longer than that until the day before. (Motivation is a big problem with me) But we had excellent teachers, who drilled us for weeks prior to the various GCSE module tests with practice papers, so there was plenty of revision in class and with homework. I also only got a B in every subject, which is pretty mediocre, and totally my fault, and 3 A's in the ones I had revised properly (Science, which is just memorising the answers to questions that came up every year) and History (Which I love, so I just talked crap from my own knowledge about Hitler till the cows came home)
As we begin a course we provide a pretest to learn "What the student knows," thus avoiding repetition.

P Throughout the course we assess learning daily and weekly with major and minorPevaluation tools to find out "What the student has learned. "P The final exam should be an opportunity for the students to apply what they knew and learned throughout the semester/year. PPWithout it the trio is incomplete. P Thought provoking multiple choice and/or discussion questions should be presented reaching the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy (application, synthesis, evaluation). P Certainly through daily activities and discussions the learners would have been presented this type of question prior to the final exam.

Remember we are teaching children/young adults not just a subject. P Modeling final evaluations certainly is a dynamic way to teach students everyday life lessons. P In real life we are evaluated continuosly over every concept we were suppose to have encountered. P We must rely upon a summation of previously learned material orPsituatuations daily in order to communicate effectively in the real world. P Never would we respond to a boss that we do not remember a procedure presently because we learned it last year or that the person who presented it to us was ineffected. P

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