why do we need fruit and veg in our diet

Fruit and vegetables arePa good source of, including folate, vitamin C and potassium. They're an excellent source of dietary fibre, which canPhelp to maintain a healthy gut and prevent constipation and other digestion problems. A diet high in fibre can also reduce your risk of. They can help to reduce your risk of,
and some cancers. Fruit and vegetables contribute to a. Fruit and vegetables taste delicious and there's so much variety to choose from. Fruit and vegetables are alsoPusually low in fat and calories (provided you don't fry them or roast them in lots of oil).

That's why eating them can help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your heart healthy. To get the most out of your 5 A Day, your five portions should include a variety of fruit and vegetables. This is because different fruits and vegetables contain different combinations of, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Almost all fruit and vegetables count towards your 5 A Day. PThey can be fresh, frozen, canned, dried or juiced. PPotatoes, yamsPand cassava don't count, because they mainly contribute Pto the diet.

To learn more about what counts towards your 5 A Day, go toP Pand. For inspiration on fitting 5PA Day into yourPbreakfast, lunch and dinner, go to. For ways to get cheaper fruit and veg, visit. Fussy eaters to feed? Get help from. Green-fingered chefs might be interested inP. You canPalso learn more by downloading this. P Got a question about 5PA Day? If you have a query about 5 A Day that isn't answered in our, please email the 5 A Day team at Public Health England, on:.

Eating produce can cut your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and protect against various forms of cancer. The USDA states that fruits and vegetables high in fiber can reduce chances of developing coronary heart disease. Eating potassium-rich foods such as bananas and potatoes can help reduce blood pressure, decrease bone loss and prevent development of kidney stones. Produce also contains different phytochemicals, natural chemical compounds in plants, which maintain proper cell health.

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