why do we have easter eggs and hot cross buns

Apart from the fact that itБs the only day of the year that youБre legally* allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast, thereБs all those gorgeous, traditional treats to look forward to. Chocolate Easter eggs, of course, plus melt-in-the-mouth roast lamb dinners, Easter-themed desserts like this, yummy
and our favourite season-appropriate baked goods,. But while weБre not ones to look a gift bunny in the mouth, have you ever wondered why we eat the food we do at Easter? Eggs have ; symbolising rebirth and Бthe beginningБ, the earliest Easter eggs were chicken or duck eggs, dyed with bright colours. Then, during the 17th and 18th centuries, egg-shaped toys began to be manufactured. Made of cardboard or plush fabrics, the new eggs were often filled with small Easter gifts and chocolates. Fast forward to France and Germany in the 19th century, and the first chocolate started to appear.

And then, obviously, the Easter bunny got on board and started delivering to the masses. Tucking in to is a centuries-old tradition, dating back to early Passover observances and before the emergence of Christianity. According to the biblical story of the Exodus, Jews living in Egypt at the time sacrificed a lamb and painted their doorposts with its blood so that God would Бpass overБ their houses. Used to the custom, Jews who converted to Christianity continued to eat lamb at Easter. One a penny, two a pennyБ Yes, theyБre delicious, but why are only associated with Easter? Apparently, the to the late 16th century, when Queen Elizabeth I passed a law that made the sale of buns, spiced cakes, breads or biscuits illegal (spoilsport) unless it was for a funeral, or on the Friday before Easter and Christmas.

And so it became the norm to eat hot cross buns at Easter time. (Bonus fact: It was a commonly held belief at the time, too, that a hot cross bun baked on Good Friday would never go mouldy. We canБt see how theyБd last long enough to test that theory. ) *We give you full permission. Happy Easter foodies! For more Easter-related content, check out the articles below. When is the best time to hand out chocolate eggs on Easter? (Picture: Getty) The giving and receiving of big fat chocolate eggs is surely one of the highlights of Easter. Hollow, filled, dark, milk, white, diabetic-friendly Б however you like Бem, the eggs are a necessary part of this festival. But eating them at the wrong time can be an eggs-cruciating eggs-perience. So when are you supposed to give out these foil-wrapped customers?

Is there a fixed time, or are there eggs-eptions to the rule? Well, it really depends because there is no set time. You can choose when is best to fit around your schedule Б on Good Friday, Easter Sunday or even Easter Monday. Best not to do an egg hunt if you know the hunters wonБt be able to resist eating the eggs and a big meal is about to be served. However, many people in the UK do their egg hunting on Easter Sunday, seeing as this is the main day of celebration. Children are traditionally invited to hunt for eggs, left, around the house or in the garden. Then on Easter Sunday the family gathers for a big meal, usually a roast. Meanwhile the eating of Hot Cross Buns is thought to be a traditional Good Friday event, perhaps at lunchtime before your. MORE: MORE:

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