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why do we do that bridal game answers

You were amazing! Right from the invitations, to the helpful hints, to the table settings to escorting Sparty, to bustling the broken bustle, to taking care of the gifts. I am so glad you were there!! I was unusually calm that day and am positive that a lot of that was knowing you were in charge.

Marlene Larder, Mother -of -the-Bride, Chelsea, MI
Tracie, OMG! You totally rock! Thank you SO much for a seamless performance! Everything went better than I expected and you took care of EVERYTHING! Elaine Yager Mother-of-the Bride, Sterling Heights, MI I received my invitations via UPS yesterday afternoon.

They came at just the right time, in great condition, and look perfect. Thank you for your services. I will be recommending you to anyone who needs anything wedding related. Thank you again. Heather Clearman, Starkville, MS There are many superstitions involved with the wedding traditions and rituals.

This is a fun and interesting game in which you will ask your bridal shower party guests that what they think is the real logic or reason behind a certain wedding tradition. I have made this game in three different color so that you can print it in color that matches your bridal shower party theme the most.

How to Play: Distribute printed why do we do that game cards among your party guests along with pens or pencils and ask them to write down the reason behind different traditions. The guest with most correct answers will be the winner.

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