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why do we have april fools day yahoo

Almost everyone has fallen victim to an April FoolsБ Day joke. But why does this tomfoolery take place every year on April 1? The origin of the holiday is a bit tricky. Some historians trace back the impish tradition to Geoffrey Chaucer's БThe Canterbury TalesБ in 1392. One of them, called БThe NunБs PriestБs Tale,Б is a mock-heroic that emphasizes foolishness. The tale is set on БMarch 32,Б which could be a playful way of referring to April 1, thus marking a day to make someone feel like a nitwit. Other scholars think this may have been a misprint, and Chaucer simply meant the end of March. A few historians think it dates back to the late 1500s when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar was the prominent calendar used by most of the world until the Gregorian calendar overtook it to become the standard.

April FoolsБ Day Б or All FoolsБ Day as it was more commonly referred to back then Б was reportedly a time to mock those who were a little slow to adapt to the calendar change. The start of the year in the newly adopted Gregorian calendar now fell on January 1, but the Julian calendar had it falling on the last week of March and ending on April 1. Those who were ridiculed for not knowing about the change were viewed as fools. But thatБs just one theory behind the gimmicky day. Another is that it falls near the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, which statistically has unpredictable weather, thus making many people look foolishly unprepared. Even though the origins of the holiday are a bit elusive, itБs still a lighthearted time to plot a clever ruse against your friends or family.
ang (@anglunaaa) Really sad to hear about Trader Joe s closing.

It s a lesson: become digital or die. Prof Jeff Harambe (@ProfJeffJarviss) That Trader Joe s closing prank was hysterical, I thought while washing the gasoline off my body. davidviola (@davidviola) Um, there are rules to April fools day jokes. reports Trader Joe s closing all stores in 2017. It s March 31st dickheads. rules. Connor Trinneer (@ConnorTrinneer) i want to be sad about trader joe s but that place was always weird and creepy too me. except their cookie butter. christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) fucking shit, it is an april fool s joke christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) there is no early april fools joke. u can start effing with ppl/planting seeds but NO EARLY PUNCHLINES. this freakin world i ll tell ya christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) If these people had gotten through the whole article (itБs no longer online, possibly because Trader JoeБs attorneys got involved), they also may have found this statement at the end: If this shocking news hits you as hard as it hit me, fear not.

ItБs merely April FoolsБ time. Now go celebrate being a fool with your favorite cheap wine. StarKist knew I wanted to retire. They found the slickest, sharpest Sawfish in the sea Б Brad. Check out the story: StarKist (@StarKistCharlie) Just stick to the rules, people, and weБll all make it through this horrible fake holiday together. [

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