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why do we need to study rizal course

Learning about the life of Jose Rizal is essential to anyone who has ever experienced colonialism and how the imperialist country that dominates the colony exerts rules and regulations that are not always fair. P In Rizal's case, his country (the Philippines) was once a colony of Spain. As it often happens, Spain was making demands and setting rules that hurt the Pilipino community. Rizal was one of the first opponents of such regulations and he was both outspoken and actively participating in different manifestations to denounce the injustice. As a typical martyr of a cause, Rizal stood out from other protesters in that he was poised, extremely well-educated (he was a medical doctor), intelligent, charismatic, and loved by the people.

Those are the main characteristics of a true leader, and Rizal possessed them all. This means that he could also make a great study on leadership styles. He was a warrior without the need for war,Pand his fight against the injustices committed against his country were both truthful and worthy. Another factor on martyrdom is sacrifice. Rizal ultimately paid with his own life the unfair tactics of factions who accused him falsely of belonging to sectarian movements.

Another awesome study in leadership, Rizal represents every man and woman who has ever lost their own lives to the consequences of the very cause that they tried to go against. Ultimately, it took a long time to get to where the Philippines finally got their independence from Spain. Therefore, Rizal's influence over the independence movement was both symbolic and necessary for this significant and historic change to happen.
I agree to majority of the viewers that Rizal s subject may be boring especially if the teacher cannot teach the subject with passion. When I was a student, I passed the subject just to complete the requirements.

But later on at the age of forty, I enjoyed reading El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere. Maybe now that I am mature, I can easily understand his perspective for the love of Filipino people. I can easily imagine how he described the importance of Ilog Pasig and the beautiful houses along the river. Rizal described that we have a rich tradition, culture, industries, and commerce. Before the Spanish came to Philippines, we have our own commerce and industries and the Spanish changed this to slavery. They taught us bad practices like false religious practices, gambling, confession, tax for everything, fiesta, and treated the people as second class.

Think about this----If Spain taught us the right teachings and religion, where are they now? Where are the golds they stole from the Machu Pichu, Incas and Filipinos? If you think of it, countries invaded by Spain turned out looking for identity up to present time like Cuba, Mexico, South America, and Philippines because they lost their identity. I advised everyone to please learn the lesson from the past so we wont commit same mistakes. Let us be wise and think out of the box.

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why do we need to study rizal today
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why do we need to study rizal today
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