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why do true religion jeans cost so much

The real problem is how the common man can afford these jeans. I know an employee at a True Religion retail store and asked her how many people paid with credit cards. She said that while several people pay with credit cartds a larger percentage of customers pay with "wads" of cash. Take note at her description here, "wads" of cash. No wallets, purses or 'fanny packs"of cash, but "wads" of cash. "Wads" of cash "wrapped" in rubber bands no less. One can only guess as to how these "consumers" paying with their "wads" of cash "wrapped" in rubber bands earned the $350. 00 for the pair of jeans to start with. As for the other smaller percent paying with credit cards, do they even realize what they are spending on clothing while only paying their $20. 00 minimum monthly credit card payments if they are spending $350. 00 for ONE pair of jeans? My point is this. As an honest working american with a 2 year degree in Criminal Justice I make $55,000 a year before overtime.

That $55,000 a year has taken me 10 years on the job to earn as well. If I were to buy a pair of these jeans with cash from my paycheck it would cost me 20% of my biweekly take home after taxes. If I were to work overtime for these jeans I would have to work almost 12 hours of overtime before I could pay for said jeans. So really, what honest working american can really afford, let alone justify paying these premium prices for a pair of jeans and who exactly is this manufacturer actually trying to target as customers? One last point, when my 3 year old turns a teenager and pants like this are the in thing and the status quo, how do I explain to him that we, as honest working and law abiding citizens, simply can't afford to spend $350. 00 on one pair of jeans? How do I convince him that we are better for not having these kinds of overpriced things when some if not the majority of his classmates will have entire wardrobes of these things, seemingly paid with either "wads" of "rubber band "wrapped" cash or their addiction to credit?
Why do some jeans retail for hundreds of dollars more than, well, what a typical pair of jeans should cost?

The consumer opting for the premium product is paying extra for American materials and labor, fancy embroidery on the pockets and waistbands, and, of course, a brand logo that, subtle or prominent, is strategically designed to impress. Oh yeah, and the hefty price tag is also the result of enormous marketing budgets and profit margins of 40% or 50%. The rise of premium jeans reached new heights around 2007, but during the heart of the recession few consumers were buying into the idea that any. But $300 jeans are back. Actually, there are even on the marketplace as well.

That sorta makes the jeans in the $200-$600 range that are the focus of a seem reasonable. Sorta. The story s title is a straightforward question: How Can Jeans Cost $300? ( LIST: Why is it that the most popular pair of jeans from a company called has an average retail price in stores of $335? The same company, by the way, sells, and (jeans, T-shirt, hoodie) for another $150. Yes, the products themselves are more expensive to make than jeans that sell for much less. Luxury jeans often feature fancy buttons and embroidery and premium denim, along with carefully designed frayed edges, holes, stitches, and special washes to create the fashionably distressed look. Even if you think those details are worth paying forвI don t, but then again I still wear jeans from collegeвyou might be less willing to pay for the XXL markups on premium jeans. The production cost of a pair of True Religion s jeans is $50.

But after those jeans are sold to wholesalers, then on to stores, and all the profit margins and extras are added inвincluding a tag on the jeans itself, which costs 18Ввand the costs of billboards, magazine ads, and other marketing efforts are factored in, the price at the snooty boutique winds up at over $300. So the purchaser of $300 jeans is paying more for markups and marketing than he or she is for the fashionable article of clothing itself. I suppose that s always the way it is in the high-end fashion world. The question isn t really: How can they charge $300 for jeans. It s: Why would anyone pay $300 for jeans? In fact, the vast-vast majority of people don t come anywhere near the $300 mark. Only 1% of jeans sells for more than $50. ( PHOTOS: Brad Tuttle is a reporter at TIME. Find him on Twitter at. You can also continue the discussion on TIME вs and on Twitter at.

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