why do we crave foods we are allergic to

My name is Jen and I am a peanut butteraholic. Yes, that totally IS a real thing. б In the last 10 years I have been able to give up a lot of unhealthy habits. I quit smoking 9 years ago, I quit coffee after a 2 pot a day habit, I gave up gluten and dairy after I found out I was allergic and only eat real sugar a few times a year. б Some of it was tough, but because of the health problems I was experiencing, I was willing to do anything to get well. бNothing has been as challenging for me to give up as peanut butter. Let me be clear. Peanut Butter is not as bad as smoking. Especially if you are eating a raw version without added sugar or salt. The problem for me is that I am allergic to it. Not the kind of allergy where I would swell up and have to go to the hospital, but the kind that causes a large amount of inflammation in my body. бWhen I eat peanut butter my joints become inflamed (especially around my rib-cage), I wheeze, my face gets red and IБll often get whiteheads on my otherwise clear face (a sure sign of inflammation for me). I go periods where I donБt have it but it is that ONE food that really calls to me at the grocery store and that I experience massive cravings for.

Even thinking of it makes me want to eat it. Seriously, writing this is torture! I would rather have peanut butter than chocolate, cakes, chips you name it. б I donБt need anything with it, just a spoon and a glass of water to wash it down. Now I KNOW that this is not healthy for me. Inflammation is linked to many chronic degenerative diseases. I also know the reason behind these strong cravings and it may surprise you. The foods that we have the strongest cravings for and that bring us the greatest pleasure are often what we are most allergic too. Yup. Bummer hey? When you eat something that you are allergic too it creates havoc in your body. Often YOU have no idea what is going on but your immune system is working like crazy to try to protect you from these БinvadersБ (in my case peanut butter). To try to limit any uncomfortable feelings you may be experiencing, it releases endorphins into your blood stream. Yes, those same endorphins that give you Бrunners highБ when you are working out! бThese are the feel good neurotransmitters that decrease pain and give you feelings of euphoria. We all want to feel good, so your brain starts associating that euphoria with the peanut butter and the food addiction begins.

The only way to get rid of this craving is to eliminate that food. Give yourself the best chance and get the food out of the house. I have gone months without peanut butter, but as soon as it is in the house for my husband and I think I can have one little tsp, the addiction begins again. If you are unsure of what you are allergic to, you can food allergy testing done or go on an elimination diet. Contact me for more information about both. I also have a 3 month Allergy Protocol for food allergy suffers. It involves cleansing, healing and replenishing the gut and may allow you to introduce some foods back into your diet. What are your greatest cravings for? Do you have any food allergies? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Chat more soon! Currently 5 months peanutbutter sober. П
1. Food allergy symptoms vary in severity. While one mother may have to rush a wheezing child to the nearest emergency room within minutes after he eats a peanutbutter sandwich, another child may develop only a nuisance-like rash around the mouth. 2. It may take a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days for a food to cause a reaction.

Monday's chocolate bar may be the cause of Tuesday's rash. Food allergies are often known as the "eat now, pay later" phenomenon. 3. Food allergies are often dose related. A teaspoon of peanut butter may not be a problem, but a couple tablespoons on a big sandwich can trigger wheezing. Some people do just fine with one glass of milk, but may get bloated after drinking three glasses. Eating shellfish every day could make you break out in an all-over body rash, yet having a few shrimp every four days may not be a problem. This is the rationale for the "rotation diet" in which you eat related food groups every four days. 4. Even though it's possible to be allergic to just about any food, over 90 percent of food allergies, especially in young children, are caused by seven foods: 5. If you're allergic to one food in a food group, you have a greater chance of being allergic to other foods, or all the foods in that group. If you're allergic to peanuts (which is a legume and not a nut), you may be able to eat almonds, but not other foods in the legume family (e. g. Soya or Lentils). 6. Don't be surprised if you actually crave the food you're allergic to.

When you go on an elimination diet, your body may go through withdrawal symptoms, triggering cravings for the very food that is not good for it. Sometimes the wisdom of the body breaks down. This food-craving paradox is especially true in children who are hypersensitive to sugar. When the blood sugar rises and then falls, children crave the food that will send their blood sugar skyrocketing. 7. Food allergies should not interfere with a child's growth. Few foods are absolutely essential for growth. A child who is allergic to one food can certainly get the same nutrition in many other foods. 8. Allergy symptoms change with age. The good news is that most children outgrow their food allergies by three years of age. The tomato- allergic toddler may become the preschooler who can safely indulge in ketchup. Children tend to outgrow their sensitivity to milk and soy products; other food allergies, such as nuts and shell fish, tend to persist. The incidence of food allergies may be on the rise because more people are eating processed foods containing preservatives and additives. It's no wonder that the body rebels against all the foreign substances added to food in factories.

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