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why do trees lose their leaves in summer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Though English poet William Blake failed to mention the purpose of summer in his phrase "in seed time learn, in harvest teach and in winter enjoy," Skip Shropshire of Millstone Market and Nursery and Jim Crowder of Dan West believe they have the answer. Maintain. "Just like our customers want to maintain their gardens and plants, we want to maintain our business despite the heat. So we help our customers maintain so we can maintain," Shropshire said. As temperatures rise well into the triple digits, nurseries like The Market and Dan West lower their prices on their perennials and other assorted plants to attract customers. "Summer is the best time for people to come buy plants, even though it isn't necessarily the best time to plant them," Crowder said with a chuckle. At Dan West, pottery, fountains, trees and shrubberies are all 40 percent off. During the summer, The Market and Dan West see about 30 percent of the business they receive during the spring season, when planting and sprucing up gardens is in full swing.

Crowder said the customers who make their way to the nursery are usually coming to purchase sprinklers, insecticides or fungicides, but the main thing people come in for is advice. "We get a lot of people asking how to keep their plants healthy in the heat," Crowder said. "The best thing for people to do is to water deeply and infrequently because it helps your plants' roots grow deeper and makes them healthier. "
Shropshire, who has owned The Market for more than 25 years, uses the same philosophy when tending to the plants that stay at the nursery over the summer. "With this heat many of our plants need watering more than once a day. I try to help customers understand that automatic sprinklers don't cut it in this type of weather," he said. Read the rest of the article. January 5, 2018 >Hi Mike. This sounds like it could be a service berry or crabapple, but we would need photos to know for sure. You can submit photos to blog@davey. com. Talk with you soon, Mike. December 29, 2017 >I have a deciduous tree in my garden which drops all it s leaves by mid-summer annually but regenerates to full cover by mid-winter during which it flowers ( red slender small bunches which grow directly from the main established stems/branches) The fruit is a small hard green berry, which ripens to a reddish/black and is loved by certain birds---- barbits, lauries, thrushes etc.

What type of tree is this and why does it behave out of cycle? December 4, 2017 >Hi Karen. This is just because the trees werenБt ready for fall when the frost first occurred. We are seeing this happen a lot this year. It can also be a sign of stress, too, so just keep an eye on it next year to see if this occurs again. If so, we would recommend having an arborist come evaluate the tree. Here if you have any other questions, Karen. December 2, 2017 >I have a red maple that s in excellent shape, about 30 yrs old and for the first time, never dropped most of its leaves. They ve recently turned brown from a hard frost but are still hanging on the tree.

It s great because I don t like winter, but I m wondering whether it s great for the tree? Now, some began dropping earlier in the fall, but it remains quite full as of today, December 2. Can you tell me why this might be? August 25, 2017 >Hi Joanna. Yes! Please send us a photo so we can make the best recommendation for your tree. You can send photos to blog@davey. com. Talk to you soon, Joanna. August 24, 2017 >We have a young maybe 5 yrs old tree which has now lost 80% of its leaves. In early August the leaves turned yellow and have fallen. We live in a limestone region but have had an above average amount of rain. I would attached a photo if it allowed me? August 21, 2017 >. grew more leaves than the trees could support. over-watered tree leaves can turn yellow and fall off. answered my question. I live in central AZ and have never seen more yellow leaf drops in August than in this year. (October is normal) I ve also never seen more rain in frequency and amount in a summer than in this year, 2017.

October 11, 2016 >Hi Cody! Good question. Likely, it s because the cooler fall temperatures have arrived much later than usual this year. Or, if you re only noticing this one one side of your silver maple, it may be because of wind exposure. Hope this helps, Cody! Also, we thought you d enjoy this map that predicts when the leaves will change in your area: http://bit. ly/1NPg2r2. October 8, 2016 September 29, 2016 >Hi there, Hunter! So sorry to hear your willow tree shed its leaves a bit earlier than it should have. We believe there could be two factors that caused this to happen. The leaf drop is likely due to a vigorous spring growing season followed by the temperature spike and lack of rain in mid-June. Or, your leaves may not have developed thick enough cuticles (the waxy outer layer on leaves that provides protection). When this happens, leaves are more susceptible to leaf scorch or leaf fungi. If you have any follow-up questions, Hunter, send them our way at blog@davey. com.

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