why do we need to study journalism

Journalism is changing so fast, it s hard to keep up. P Every week new social media tools are promoted on
Pwhich add to the ways journalists can communicate with their audiences. P But we know that not all those whoPtake journalism at university will end up working in the profession. P So why should they study the subject? Here at Glamorgan we are confident that what students learn from studying journalism are not only skills that might be used in a career in the media. Succesful journalism studentsPlearn to think clearly and to make sense of the world around them; they learn to communicate clearly and directly; they learn to work co-operatively; they learn to be organised and to meet deadlines; they learn to present themselves and their ideas to other people. All these are transferable skills whichPcould be useful in many careers as well as journalism. In 2009, the employers organisation, the CBI, produced a report calledP Future Fit Preparing Graduates for the world of work, whichPconcluded thatPthe P P attributes that help people respond to the changing demands of the workplaceP have never been so important. P Among these were:P Self-management, team working, business and customer awareness, problem solving, communication and literacy, Application of numeracy and information technology, a positive attitude, entrepreneurship and enterprise.

If you think about the skills a journalist needs and which you learn on a journalism course, you can see how they would help with all of the above. P Here are some of the things we teach our students to do: Wondering whether you and a journalism degree are meant to be? Whether you have the right personality and strengths to attend and pursue a career afterwards? The field of journalism is evolving to coincide with the digital landscape, and numerous journalism programs are keeping pace. This willingness and drive to grow, learn, question, adapt, expand and emerge are also important for prospective journalism students and professionals. Read on to find out other reasons why majoring in journalism might, for you, be a good fit. 1. You are naturally inquisitive. Some people are just naturally curious, and intent on getting to the bottom of things. If you wonБt stop pressing until you get the full story, a may be right for you. It takes a special kind of person to not only be inquisitive, but also have the ability to get information out of people who donБt want to give it up so easily.

If, in addition to this, you are excited by researchБthe hunt for reputable primary, secondary and tertiary sources in search of the truthБyouБll likely be a successful journalist. 2. You like to travel. While not every journalism position requires, or enables, travel cross-country or overseas, a great deal do. Plus many journalism assignments involve that sense of exploration associated with taking a trip, even if you never board a plane. You will view your hometown and region in a completely new light. You might cover the local theatre scene and find yourself going to a play on a regular basis; or, you might find yourself in city hall or a courtroom covering a weekly beat. Walking through a neighborhood, youБll begin to notice things you never noticed before because you will always be looking for that next story. If you love excitement, and arenБt afraid to try new things, youБll likely be a good journalist. The worldБs best journalists are people who are brave, unafraid, and greet every new person and culture they encounter with an open mind.

If traveling a great deal for work excites you, maybe getting that journalism degree isnБt such a bad idea after all. 3. Telling peopleБs stories excites you. Do you like finding out what makeБs a person tick, and peeling back their layers? Do you like to listen more than talking? Deriving pleasure from getting to the bottom of someoneБs story, and retelling it eloquently, is at the heart of fine journalism. So, natural storytellers, think twice before you discount pursuing a career or degree in journalism. 4. You love to write: Obviously, a love of writing is key to a career in journalism. Beyond loving to write however, a journalist is someone whoб needs б to write. Constantly taking notes, writing in a journal, and using the written-word to process your thoughts, are all signs that youБd make a great journalist. Also know that writing in some form is integral to even. 5. You donБt relate to a 9-5 office environment: News and stories do not stop happening or brewing once the conventional work day is over. As a journalist, youБll probably find yourself covering assignments and interviewing subjects at various times a day. Plus as a freelancer or as a telecommuter, your home or the cafц down the street could be your БofficeБ most of the time, not to mention the local or far-off places you will need to visit while working on stories.

That said, you may often have to work alone, without the constant camaraderie of co-workers, and have to constantly keep yourself disciplined and on task. If this sounds appealing, and you are able to work independently, then journalism may be the right career choice for you. Conventional journalism jobs arenБt as common as they used to be. That doesnБt mean they donБt exist, or that obtaining a job as a journalist isnБt possible. With the decline of print and single specialty jobs, comes a rise of digital and multimedia journalism careers. When researching potential journalism schools, it is important to select those that offer coursework, internships or dual degrees, that allow for these emerging opportunities. Learning such skills as photography, audio-visual recording, writing for the web, and website design, in addition to traditional journalism proficiencies, will prove very valuable. A driven, talented journalist, will always find their niche.

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