why is my tongue yellow in the morning

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Are you experiencing burning, red, itchy eyes? Several eye Here's to a stronger, healthier, and happier you in To say the anti-aging market is big would be an understatement. Few ingredients have as bad of a rap as added sugars, and with Discussions about ear wax may not be sexy, but we encourage you In some ways, anti-aging is a hopeless pursuit. We all Quinoa is a staple in my kitchen! I love its sweet taste and Toxins are everywhere. While you shouldnвt panic, you should Would you like to see more organic produce on the market, and at We are blessed with a vast variety of choices in our lives, from Turmeric is the super spice that gives curry its yellow color. Spicy, a little sweet and warming to the whole body, this soup Every New Year, many of us vow to make exercise and fitness a Whatвs black, sticky like tar, and has been valued for millennia Our smartphones have made many of aspects of our lives easier.

Happy New Year! If you are looking to achieve more happiness in If you know anything about hormones, you probably have an idea Are you getting enough water every day? Our bodies are Holidays are just around the corner, and I for one am craving Holidays are such a special time of year. They bring a When I was a kid, the best part about making cookies was Baked Halibut in Wine Tomato Broth So simple and easy, so full So many parties and so much food at this time of the year. Itвs late, youвre curled up on the sofa with a good book or While the festive season may be the perfect time to indulge, Delicious, easy to make and healthy (really! ), indulging in There are over eighty thousand chemicals in use today, and With more cooking techniques seemingly being created every week, Itвs been said that everyone enjoys a good laugh, but for a I LOVE this pumpkin pie!

No surprise it got rave reviews when A few questions likely come to mind when you see the question, Eating healthy is easy enough at home, but itвs a different Join NOW Foods for a #NowSweeteners Twitter Party. Consumers in the United States may have to wait until January 1, Unless there is a breakthrough in the prevention, treatment, or This creamy smoothie has a delicious blend of flavors. It tastes Over time, meditation can be credited with transforming This simple and elegant appetizer is perfect for fall. I like to Sniffles, and coughs, and colds, oh, my! No one enjoys being Thereвs no doubt about it, modern life has many conveniences Halloween is an exciting time of year, full of costumes, Delicious and filled with fiber, acorn squash is a beautiful, Not that long ago, people were encouraged to eat three square Kabocha squash looks like a small pumpkin with dark green skin.

Protein powder doesn't get the love it should. While most of us If you are looking for superfoods that have whole-body benefits, Kids love macaroni and cheese, and this recipe is a perfect Your saliva flow slows down or can even stop. This means that there is less removal of bacteria, less oxygen in the mouth, and less tongue movement. These are all signals to anaerobic (non oxygen) bacteria to begin breeding. During the course of one night's sleep you can manufacture two or more generations of new bacteria. These bacteria will eat the proteins in coatings found on the tongue, gums and the mouth in general and release their waste products, called Volatile Sulphur Compounds.

Mucous in the Nasal Area Thickens. Due to the lack of saliva while you sleep, the mucus you produce can stick (quite tenaciously) to the back of the throat just behind the gag reflex. This area is very difficult to clean. This mucus is high in protein and the bacteria that grow inside the mucous use it as a food source, making lots of Volatile Sulphur Compounds (the smells of Morning Breath) Your Tongue Falls to the Back of the Throat. When you sleep the tongue relaxes in the mouth and falls to the back of the throat. This action allows the tongue to be colonised by the bacteria growing in the throat mucus. That is why when you wake in the morning, you not only have a bad or sour taste and breath, but you can also exhibit a coating on your tongue. This coating can be yellow or white depending on its severity and the amount of sulphur contained.

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