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why do tourists visit the great barrier reef

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By the end of this article you ll be booking a one way trip to Queensland. 1.

Because the only thing that can beat this view of the Great Barrier Reef 2. is THIS view of the Great Barrier Reef. 3. Because there are 400 species of coral that make up the Great Barrier Reef 4. AndPover 1,500 fish species that live inPit. 5. Because I bet you ve never seen a starfish like this 6. Or a rainbow like this. 7. Because it is one of the 7 wonders of the natural world. 8.

Becasue we found Nemo! 9. And all of his friends. 10. Because where else could you witness this? 11. Or this? 12. Because I bet you ve never swum with stingrays like this. 13. Because this bit of coral reef is shaped perfectly like a heart. 14. Because the Great Barrier Reef is absolutely spectacular. 15. And it might not last forever.

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