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why is my asus laptop screen black

Hi all I have an ASUS laptop that will not boot. When plugged it with the adaptor the charging light comes on and when I press the power buttton the backlight turns on but the screen remains black. I do not see the asus logo or any screen for that matter. I try to boot into bios by pressing the f2 key multiple times but the computer is unresponsive. I noticed the hard disk light powers on and works for a few seconds and then turns off but the screen remains black. Also the caps lock and num lock keys are usually turned on. **My battery is old and dying it only charges to 32% and it constantly says i need to replace the battery. ** I have experienced this black screen before when the laptop lost power when the adapter became unplugged from the laptop outlet. **Last night there was a thunderstorm and the power went out for a second do to the lightning. I was on my laptop when the power went out and the laptop shut down immediately.

I have the laptop connected to a surge protector and the green light on the surge protector says PROTECTED so I think it is highly unlikey it received a surge
I am thinking the loss of power resulted in a short circuit. IS THIS POSSIBLE?? Connecting the laptop to an external monitor did nothing. Anything I could do to try and save this laptop? I know its not the battery because I have turned the computer on without the battery before and it was functional. Now even when the battery is removed I receive the black screen and it will not boot. PLEASE HELP!! Check your CSM settings, that s all I know. I have win8. 1 64 eng. on a SSD disk. Day 1, night: Finished backup with robocopy to a NAS, got five disks. All is normal. Started the PC the usual way. It got stuck after the win8 logo. Black screen, cursor, no login, ctrl-shift-esc doesn t work, ctrl-alt-del doesn t work, no task manager.

Safe-mode doesn t work, none of the commands you can do in CMD recovery accomplish anything. System restore doesn t work, automatic repair doesn t work. WITAF (What In The Actual Fu*k)? Booted with a live cd; all the files were there. Hours of googling and testing. Got nowhere. All right I give in, I do a refresh. So in addition to my aforementioned backup, I copied all folders on c: to a USB disk. Booted and chose refresh and got "harddrive locked". Great, another problem. Googled a bit. On day 2 I read about (U)EFI stuff and that lot, tested things and got nowhere. Probably due to this information floating in my head I went in BIOS and checked the CSM setting more thoroughly. I run with CSM enabled. I went in the submenu and changed "boot device control" from "UEFI and legacy OpROM" to "legacy OpROM only". Restarted with the DVD just because it was still in the drive.

Tried Automatic repair. This time I got Choose a target OS. LIFE! (in retrospect I might not have needed to troubleshoot at this point) Automatic repair did some fixing and restarted. Windows update appeared after win8 logo. Installing updates 30%. "Failure configuring windows updates. undoing changes". Auto restart. Got this update error looping. Great, another problem. Let the PC just loop for itself while I googled a bit on my laptop. After a few restarts it just fixed itself. And all is well. Installed all windows updates, checked for system errors, restarted and all is still well. - Did a windows update cause this? Don t know. I run updates manually and last time was approx. a week ago. - Was the BIOS setting changed somehow? Don t know. I certainly didn t do it. --In short check your CSM settings, that s all I know. What Day 4 will bring is to early to say at this point in time.

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