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why is my apple mac so slow

DownloadP Move large files to an external hard drive. Hardware upgrades, though quite expensive, can be the best way to fix a slow Mac. Software tweaks and changes can make a big difference, but you may need more. Upgrading system hardware can lead toPsignificant performance improvements. Consider buying
to help it improve. Every MacBook Pro has a piece ofPhardware called the P System Management Controller. Most people have never even heard of it! Running a reset of this controller can return your Mac to previous levels of performance. The System Management Controller coordinatesPbattery and heat, LED lights, and other parts of the hardware. Resetting the SMC allows you to re-balance all these factors. Don t worry, resetting this controller will not harm your Mac in any way. This won t delete your contentPor user settings. It resets the hardware to its original state help your computer run. How do youPreset your MacBook Pro s System Management Controller? Now, hold down the Left Shift + Option + Control + Power Button, simultaneously, for 10 seconds When you do the above, your Mac won t power on but will register on reset Please note that whenPdoing this, your MacBook Pro should not turn on. If it turns on,Pyou probably didn t press one of the keys properly. Do it again until you are able to press down all mentioned keys for 10 seconds without powering up your MacBook Pro. Like the SMC reset, resetting thePPRAM (Parameter RAM) may fix computer problems.

Resetting yourPPRAM will not delete the data on your hard drive. You may, though, need to restore system preferences like time, date, and mouse settings. This shouldn t take too long. How do I reset myPPRAM? Then, Command + Option + P + R in combination (all at the same time) before you see the grey startup screen Did one of these steps work for you? Get in touch with us via the comments below and let us know! Many Mac users have such questions: "Why is my MacBook Pro so slow? " "How to make Mac run faster? " and more. Actually, Mac becomes slower and slower with the age you use it, no matter it is MacBook Pro, Air or Mac mini. To speed up your Mac, you had better find out the reasons why Mac is so slow. In this article, we will show you 5 reasons that explain why Mac is running slow and give you corresponding advice to fix it. Part 1. Not enough hard drive and how to fix it If you have too much on your Mac hard drive, it will absolutely slow down your Mac. So you need to check if there is enough free hard drive space. Just click Apple menu and go to "About This Mac" > "More Info" > "Storage" to check the hard drive space. If the colour bar has been almost close to the end of the whole bar, which really make Mac slow down. You must have lots of movies, photos, songs occupying your Mac. So find them and delete unused ones.

Or you can choose extract them to external drive. And, empty your trash bin, which can save more space for your Mac. Last, clear junk files, caches, cookies, download history, etc. from your browsers, apps, system and more. You can use one Mac cleaner to clear your Mac and speed up it. And you can search a Mac cleaner on the Internet. Part 2. Not enough RAM and how to free up it Many people complained that the usage of Memory is always close to the RAM size. But they usually don't know why and they think there is not so much stuff running. Actually, Mac use RAM to store user data that the CPU is actively using, if your Mac has only 4GB or 8GB RAM, and the system might be running low when launching more and more programs or documents. You can open "Terminal" in your Applications and enter "Purge" an enter the "Enter" tab. Wait one or two minutes to let Mac complete the process. And then go to "Activity Monitor", you will find more free space in System Memory. You can also quit unused applications to free up more CPU, you cannot let over 30 applications running background. Try keep under 10 applications running on your Mac simultaneously. Part 3. Too many startup items and how to deal with it Many items will load up when you start up your Mac. Just like Windows computer, you will take longer and longer time to start up Mac. This is also a reason why your Mac is so slow.

Go to "System Preferences" > "Users & Groups", and click "Login items" on the top menu, you can find how many items that open every time when you turn on Mac. Now, you can choose which one cannot open automatically when you turn on your Mac and click "-" to remove it. Part 4. There are full of icon clutter on desktop and solution Well, if you don't love classify your document, songs, videos, PDFs and more, and put them on the desktop, that's terrible! Every file you put on your desktop needs memory to store. So when you put more items on desktop, your Mac will become slower. First of all, delete the files you don't need any more, and empty the Trash. Classified the files and move them to some folders. Name the folders so that you can find them easily. Part 5. Your Mac OS are outdated and find the way out An old Mac OS may lead your Mac to run slowly, after all, Mac OS system is really important. And that is why Apple releases new OS every year. Generally speaking, new software that makes your Mac run more smoothly. So, update your Mac's OS to speed up your Mac. Head to the Mac App Store and search for "macOS High Sierra" and install it as well as experience the new function. Now, you have know why Mac is so slow and how to speed up your Mac. You can try all these methods to fix slow Mac. And also, you can use professional to clean your Mac easily. Good luck to you.

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