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why do we celebrate the treaty of waitangi

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Hazlehurst, Kayleen M. (1995), Ethnicity, Ideology and Social Drama: The Waitangi Day Incident 1981 in Alisdair Rogers and Steven Vertovec, eds, The Urban Context: Ethnicity, Social Networks and Situational Analysis, Oxford and Washington D. C. , p. 83; Walker, Ranginui (1990), Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou: Struggle without End, Auckland, p. 221. ".

NZ Herald. 5 February 2016. Retrieved. (11 February 2012). Retrieved. UnitedFuture. 5 February 2007. TVNZ. February 6, 2004. Retrieved. For the first time ever the Maori sovereignty flag has flown higher than the official New Zealand flag at Waitangi. A young Northland Maori activist climbed a 40-metre on the Waitangi treaty grounds on Friday afternoon and fixed the black and red flag to the top, well above the nearby naval flagstaff. He climbed down to tumultuous applause and a triumphant. 5 February 2004. Retrieved. Trevett, Claire (6 February 2009). 12 June 2009. Retrieved. Yvonne Tahana Claire Trevett (5 February 2011). with. Retrieved. David V. James; Paul E. Mullen; Michele T. Path; J. Reid Meloy; Frank R. Farnham; Lulu Preston Brian Darnley (2008). J Am Acad Psychiatry Law. 36 : 5967. The Guardian. 16 February 2016. Retrieved. The national holiday was first declared in 1974, and since then has grown in significance for all New Zealanders through the Mдori renaissance that has fostered better understanding of the Treaty s ramifications. Official celebrations are held at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds in the Bay of Islands, Northland, but there are also many other events throughout the country.

Mдori cultural performances, speeches from Mдori and Pakeha (European) dignitaries, and a naval salute are all part of the annual activities at Waitangi. The Ngatokimatawhaorua, one of the world s largest Mдori ceremonial waka (war canoe), sits on the grounds at Waitangi. The 70-year-old waka was refurbished and relaunched for the 170th celebrations in 2010. Each February, Ngatokimatawhaorua must be prepared for its Waitangi Day outing prior to the big event. Made from massive trunks of New Zealand s giant kauri trees, the gigantic waka - which weighs an incredible six tonne when dry - must first be moved by human force across the Treaty grounds and down to the sea. It is then moored in the water for up to two days allowing the wood to swell and become airtight, thus doubling the weight. Carried out and blessed by members of the local iwi / Mдori tribe, this is a tradition that happens only once a year to celebrate Waitangi Day. The enormous wooden vessel, with room for 80 paddlers and 55 passengers, is an impressive sight both on land and on the water. Waitangi also hosts a festival on the special day that includes music, dance, food and traditional Mдori customs. Waitangi Day celebrations happen all over New Zealand. In Auckland - New Zealand s largest city - the national day is celebrated near the city s birthplace at Bastion Point.

It was at Orakei, in 1841, that Auckland Mдori chiefs invited Governor Hobson to create the city. This family-focused event features live entertainment, kai / Mдori food and kite flying with the spectacular coastal backdrop of the Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island. The celebrations don t stop there, with family friendly events taking place across the city. Picnics, local food stalls, traditional kapa-haka, music and entertainment will all be in abundance on Waitangi Day in Auckland. 2018 will be the first time Auckland s iconic harbour bridge will be lit up by 90,000 LEDs as part of new intiative Vector Lights. The audio visual display will be themed around Waitangi Day featuring stunning Mдori imagery and sounds throughout the weekend to mark this occasion. Wellington - the nation s capital - holds an event that celebrates Waitangi Day at Waitangi Park on the city s waterfront. Traditional Maori culture is showcased through a range of activities including a waka fleet exhibition, Te Aro Pд walking tours, weaving, waka building, Mдori myths and legends storytelling, and kapa haka. Elsewhere, Waitangi Day celebrations cover all sorts of occasions from major sporting events to rodeos, and even a folk music festival.

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