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why is my anus wet and itchy

Listen. Its caused primarily by yeast, and an imbalance in your intestional ecology. probably from anti biotic use. I suffered from all this for 20 years, but knocked it into remission myself after giving up on doctors. I understand the paranoia as well. Yes, other people can smell this. Caprylic acidPsycilium fiber for the yeast. twice daily for 2 years. SauerkrautGrapefruit seed extractOregano Oil for the bad bacteria. The Sauerkraut works best of all, and its the cheapest. It saddens me to see all these people going around in circles, like I once did. This can be fixed, and you will need to do this yourself. Stay away from Probiotics, sugar, perscription drugs and over the counter medication. I once was so bad I had to quit my job. But I no longer suffer. Doctors did not help me one bit. The answers are here. Its up to you. This is where it starts, but tweak it with your own research. And. good luck. Hello there, I think I might have found what is causing my odor. Basically, everytime I seem to stink my anus feels wet/moist. I am not sure if it is sweat (could easily be), but seems to be concentrated around my anal region (whilst often the rest of my body feels dry although I can sweat a lot- the thing which makes me think it might be sweat is ebcause it seems a little worse when anxious. Usually my boxers are wet, sometimes even within 10 minutes of changing into a clean set of clothes after I have had a shower and dried myself all over. It doesn t make sense, why am I getting so much sweat or whatever, which feels almost like a leaking feeling when it does occur. I can only smell the odor myself when I wipe myself, as I do to constantly dry my anus as it feels really damp, and the wet patch which often appears on my boxers doesn t smell like sweat, more like ######?

What is happening? I will list all of my symptoms, and if anyone could help me that would be great
Leaking feeling - sweat/mositure - mostly colourless, seems to be causing odor, worse when anxious - this really bothers me as I believe the odor seems to start when this starts - people only seem to react when I get this feeling The urge to empty my bowels if often strong, not a gradual feeling like I used to get I get much more gas than I used to, often straight after eating I get a sort of belching, though quite mild Bowel habits are unpredictable, sometimes constipated so miss a day, sometimes go 2 or 3 times within a short a period Stools are often wierd shapes, often broken up into pieces, even though I consider myself to have a decent diet, often thin, sometimes small ball shapes Nearly always feel a stool, even if small, left inside me, which I can t get rid of until the next toilet visit My anus sometimes feels relaxed, especially after a toilet visit, as if it hasn t closed properly, but problem with sweating/moisture in this region seems to happen even when it doesn t feel relaxed so don t think that is causing it Other problems include that yes I have always sweated a lot, especially suffering with clammy palms and sweaty feet, although they can be fairly dry and my anus feels really wet Itchy and scratchy butt is embarrassing! Find out what's causing it -- could be anything from a fungal infection to worms. Read this in Thereвs nothing worse than relentless redness and itching in the anal region because not only can it affect your productivity but also significantly reduce the quality of your life. While this is an extremely embarrassing problem, if you have been suffering from an itchy butt, know that you are not alone.

In fact, doctors say that this is an extremely common problem their patients complain about. These are the six causes that Dr Aparna Santhanam, a Mumbai-based Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, says you need to know about if you are prone to redness and itching in your rear end. Fungal infection This is a very common cause of anal itching which is similar to Athleteвs Foot, a common skin infection caused by fungus, which can spread to the groin, palms and other parts of the body. Here are. The reason behind fungal infection being a common cause is because fungus thrives in moist and warm places. By scratching, it could only aggravate the problem. In such cases, Dr Santhanam says a topical anti-fungal ointment is prescribed to treat the red patches and itchiness that develops around the anal area. Threadworms or pinworm These are tiny worms that are only 13 mm long and this parasitic worm lives in the colon and rectum. While you sleep, female pinworms leave the intestines through the anus and lay eggs on the nearby skin which is what causes itchiness. Avoid scratching the area despite the urge as it could result in the eggs getting lodged in your fingernails, making it easier for them to get transferred to your gut from your mouth. If more than one person in your family is complaining of anal itching, the cause is definitely pinworms. В If you suspect you have worms, make sure to regularly wash your hands and consult your doctor for the right medication. Here s why. Atopic Dermatitis If you have noticed that the skin around your anal opening has rashes that are flaky and itchy, it could be В eczema that is causing these symptoms, says Dr Santhanam. While this is more common in children, in adults eczema or atopic dermatitis can also be caused by tight pants or by wearing undergarments made of synthetic material.

If the itching and redness doesnвt subside on its own, consult your dermatologist who will prescribe topical ointments or antibiotics for treating this skin condition. Piles or Hemorrhoids Anal itching is a very common complaint for patients suffering from piles or hemorrhoids because of the discharge such an anal condition can produce. Practice good hygiene and keep your bottom clean and dry as far as possible. You could also try sitting in a tub of hot potassium water to reduce the discomfort or an over the counter ointment. Chronic constipation is also a major cause behind anal itchiness which also causes anal conditions like piles and fissures, says Dr Santhanam. Here s how you can. Toilet paper or wet wipes By overusing toilet paper or wet pipes, you could put yourself at the risk of anal itching and in some cases, even redness because of a perfume, alcohol or preservative used in these products. Dr Santhanam recommends switching to a product that is not scented or pre-moistened. Pilonidal sinus Pilondial sinus is another hole that develops in the cleft of the buttocks or what is more commonly known as the вbutt crackв. Dr Santhanam says that it is another cause of anal itching though it is not as common as eczema, pinworms or piles. It can also be an extremely painful ailment if it gets infected and the hole gets filled with pus. The exact cause of pilonidal sinus is unknown but doctors suspect it is caused by loose hair piercing the skin. If you notice any swelling, boil or redness at the top of your buttocks along with itching, immediately consult your doctor before there are any chances of infection. Image Source: Shutterstock

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