why do we have a census every 10 years

Every ten years the census gives us a complete picture of the nation. It allows us to compare different groups of people across the United Kingdom because the same questions are asked, and the information is recorded, in the same way throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The census provides information that government needs to develop policies, plan and run public services, and allocate funding. Before central or local government can offer services, policies must be based on high quality evidence. We all use public services such as schools, health services, roads and libraries. These services need to be planned, and in such a way that they keep pace with fast-changing patterns of modern life. We need accurate information on the numbers of people, including the balance of young and old, what jobs people do, where they live and in what type of housing.

An accurate count of the population in each local area helps the Government to calculate the size of grants it allocates each local authority and health authority. The data are also widely used by academics, businesses, voluntary organisations and the public.
A census is the gathering of information about all the people in a particular country or region. Taking censuses is an old tradition. For example, in ancient Rome, the government would periodically count all the citizens and evaluate their property in order to see how much tax a person should pay. In modern times, many countries conduct regular censuses, usually every five or ten years.

In the United States, the Constitution (in Article 1, Section 2) mandates that a census be taken every 10 years in order to decide how many representatives should be elected from each state. (The House of Representatives has a total of 435 representatives, which are elected every two years. ) The law that governs the taking of the census is contained in Title 13 of the U. S. Code. Every ten years, April 1 is designated as Census Day. The U. S. Census Bureau, part of the Department of Commerce, prepares long in advance so as to capture as accurate a picture as possible of the entire population on that particular day. At the same time the population is counted, many, many other details are collected as well.

This information is used for many purposes. First, it is used to allocate elected seats, not only in the House of Representatives, but in the state legislatures. In addition, all levels of government federal, state, local and tribal use census data as a guide for spending money on many different programs and services. At the federal level alone, the spending of well over $100 billion a year depends on census data. Outside the government, community organizations use census information to help them develop social programs, while businesses use it to decide where to build various facilities, such as factories and shopping malls. Get more information on All contents Copyright 2018, Harley Hahn

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