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why is my stomach swollen and my back hurts

Find out about possible symptoms of ovarianPcancerPand when to see your doctor. Ovarian cancer symptoms are not always easy to spot as they can be vague. If you have any of the symptoms below and they happen on most days for 3 weeks or more, particularly if you are over 50 or have a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer, do go to your GP and get a check up. Remember thesePsymptoms can also be a sign of other illnesses that are not cancer. Most women with symptoms like these willPnotPhave cancer. The stage of a cancer describes how far it has grown and spread. Very early stage cancer means cancer that is completely inside the ovary - itPis also called stage 1.

Many women with a very early stage of ovarian cancer don't have any symptoms. If they do, they can include:
a bloated, full feeling in the abdomen Cancer that has grown outside the ovary includes stage 2 and stage 3 ovarian cancer. These may cause symptoms from the tumour growing anywhere in the area between the hip bones (thePpelvis), such as: Doctors call cancer that has spread to another part of the body,Psuch as the lungs,Pstage 4 ovarian cancer. P a few years ago I had pain in my right side and in my back, and if I ate more than a saucer size I would have to sit up all night with pain in my abdomen and right accross my back, so I was quite a small person but I took a lot more weight off as could not eat much.

My doctor gave me a kidney test but they were fine and then after suffering for a while he gave my an ultra sound accross my stomach and under my right ribs, it was found that I had 10 big square shaped stones, in my Gallbladder, had to have key hole surgery. and the pain went, and I could eat more again, but have kept on a low fat diet some of the time. Now 8 years later, I have pain under left ribs, and sometimes under right ribs, but mostly under left ribs and it gets sore when I lye down on that side.

And I get a bloated stomach and lots of wind and belching so am on Losec 40 mgs one every night and now dont have much wind. I am going to get the camera put down into my stomach in a week ot 2, so hope they dont find anything too horrible. I am 63 years old and have been not so active since the death of my husband 5 years ago. But I do get constipation so take laxatives a few times a week, and I think these pains under my left rib is coming from my stomach and also my bowel, thats why I try not to get constipated, so there is not much build up, but who knows what our insides look like! But I hate it when I am bloated and I look like a pregnant Woman!

I have started to eat lots of fruit every morning and lessen my bread each day, and I have a raw salad every day with some lightly cooked vegetables, and very little meat. And I take smaller meals now. But still will have to get my bowel looked at again, last time they saw I had difituculitus, well I have spelt that wrong sorry but you maybe able to guess, it is little pockets found in the bowel most people get them over 60, and usually dont give any symptons, but sometimes they can flare up, but I do not think it is flaring up with me I think I have an ulcer or an inflamed stomach or bowel.

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