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why do toenails fall off after a marathon

Has this happened to you? More than once? Runners and ballet dancers have something in common. toes that are
far from pretty. We asked podiatrist Dr. Jackie Sutera on the behalf of for advice on a common running problem missing toenails. Hey, it s gross but it happens. Here s what Dr. Sutera had to say: After a long run, sweat has built up and your feet are slipping around in the shoe a little more than if they were dry. The constant sliding back and forth of the toes which jam into the front of the shoe causes micro trauma. This micro trauma can loosen the nail plate which will then cause it to eventually fall off.

The good news is that most of the time the nail will grow back without any sign of the injury. Some tips for prevention: make sure your shoes fit. Shoes that are too tight will press, shoes that are too loose will create more room to slide around. Shoes must be just right. Also keep your nails on the shorter side. If your nail is too long it is also susceptible to trauma, injury and damage. And lastly, wear sweat absorbing socks, or lightly power your feet to absorb extra moisture. So keep those feet dry and in your running shoes before your next marathon. [ RELATED : RELATED : I could feel it going.

It had turned black a few weeks (or was it months? ) ago and I knew it was going to go eventually. However Iвd ignored the situation. And now, with only four days until I walk down the aisle as my friendвs bridesmaid, I have lost it. My little toenail is gone. This kind of occurrence is not uncommon amongst runners, particularly those that have a marathon or two under their belts. This nail is the fourth Iвve lost in the four years since running my first marathon luckily itвs never been a big one!

So how do we avoid making our already mangled feet that little bit uglier and keep all ten toenails in tact, and what do we if/when we do lose them How to avoid losing your toenailsВ I swear by Gel or Shellac nail varnish to provide an extra layer of protection to my nails. They strengthen and harden them, plus it definitely helps to have a pop of colour to draw the eye away from the callouses and corns. Make sure to trim your toenails regularly, and if possible, go for pedicures every month of so to really look after your feet. Moisturise your feet regularly, including your toenails coconut oil does the trick.

Get shoes that fit, too small and your feet with touch the end, too big and you could slide around hitting the top of the shoe as you run. Ensure the toe box is large enough the have a cushioned, wide toe area that s perfect for my long runs. Itвs not enough just to have the right running shoes, take a closer look at the pair you stuff your feet in to everyday for work are they really doing your feet any favours Wear proper cushioned running socks, adding an extra layer of protection between your feet and your shoes/the pavement.

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