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why do we celebrate teacher appreciation week

Help us Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week! For Teacher Appreciation Week this year, we want to celebrate our educators by sharing the stories of how they came to lead our classrooms в and inspire the next generation to join them there. From May 7-11, 2018, we will use the #TeachTodayTN campaign to showcase the inspirational stories behind why our teachers chose the education profession and what motivates them to continually serve our students every day.

And weвre asking you to participate. We are collecting stories from educators like you to share on social media during Teacher Appreciation Week. To participate, email
and share the story behind why you teach в whether thatвs why you first started teaching or why you keep at it every day. You can also share why youвre encouraging the next generation to be a teacher. You can write as much or as little as you would like в and please share a photo of your class or your students!

Or, if youвd rather wait until Teacher Appreciation Week, you can use the #TeachTodayTN hashtag to share your story on Twitter or Facebook. We know that every educator has a story to tell. Thanks for helping us share yours. A teacher s job is never done. Their days are spent solving math problems, analyzing the passages of books,P teaching the great lessons of history and serving as their students trusted experts.

But when the final bell rings, their day isn t finished. There are countless pages of homework to grade, lessons to plan and maybe even a sports team to coach. The National Center for Education Statistics found that the average teacher is required to work 37 hours a week, but actually works an average of 52 hours a week. And only 30 of these hours are spent in the classroom instructing students.

They spend 22 hours a week on other school-related activities. Today is Teacher Appreciation Day (and this week is Teacher Appreciation Week! ) There are so many reasons to thank teachers for their hard work and long work days. P Take a moment this week to thank the teachers around you forP their hard work and the dedication they have for the kids they serve. You can even to show how much you appreciate them. THANK YOU TEACHERS!

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