why is my abs and trac off light on

Car won't crank Swap 2. 2L for 2. 4L
key codes disconnected battery now gauges don't work Cavalier engine swap/interchange Chev Cavalier 1998 won't start when outside temp is below about 32 degrees!!!! Timing chain issues Won't start Cylinder 4 not firing 2002 Cavalier Service, Trac off and ABS lights 2001 cav odometer will not light up anymore? 99 cavalier engine will turn over but not start 2000 Cavalier - ABS Light On All dashboard lights coming on Check engine light, possible vent valve? car temp is hot antifreeze boiling over from the overflow tank Rear Window Defrost: Root Cause Repair Setting the clock in a 2003 chevrolet cavalier 2001 cavalier service light plus quick blinking rt turn signal 2004 Cavalier turns over wont start dashboard warning lights CV axle choice brake lights stay on when the car is off '95 Cavalier Stalls and Dies. Fuel Pump? want to increase horsepower on the 2003 2. 2 ecotec enginge for a cavalier Bizarre 1992 Cavalier won't start. steering wheel, battery cable connection? Cavalier dashboard problem cooler, heater, defroster switch 2004 chevy cavalier GPS speedometer module chevrolet 2002 service light 2002 Cavalier blower motor problem. No brake lights or turn signals on 00 Cavalier my cavalier wont shift from park Plastic in oil pan Abs Chevy to cavalier 2004 cavalier airbags interchangeable 2002 Chevy Cavalier 2. 2 L motor service light stays on Cavalier automatic transmission won't shift into any gear Motor change obd wiring turn signals not working on 94 cavalier 2001 Cavalier ran out of gas wont start Help with knowing about a 1989 Chevy Cavalier. switching back lights 2003 Cavalier stalling 94 Cavalier Convertible Seatbelt Will a 2004 2. 2 ecotec engine wire right up with a 2002 that had a 2200 sfi?

Car is already running and starter tries to start the car 2003 Chevy Cavalier Heater control 2000 Cav - dashboard lights stay on when car is off/key is out 2000 chevy cavalier front turn signal Coolant leak Speedometer Problem Front subframe rust and failure 05 cavalier dash No trac light, car won't acclerate how do you reset a computer on a cavalier 2001 1998 2. 2L to 2. 5L Iron Duke swap -possible? engine swap Will a 95 2. 2 head Mount up to any year dohc bottom end? Motor swap on a 1990 Chevy Cavalier Known Differance Between Location of Back Up Lights switch fuel pump on 2003 Chevy Cavalier 2003 Cavalier Timing Chain, common problem? 2001 Cav Dash Stip Cracked 96 Cavalier transmission has water in it cavalier engine swap 2. 4 to a 3. 1 Check engine light on 2000 2003 Cavalier - Check Engine Light! fusenumber for breaklights for chevy cavalier ls 1997 2000 ecotec/trans engine swap - help plz 01 Cavalier lights not on 98 cavalier burning too much gas?

Engine swap 97 Cavy shuts down Radiator Will 96 cavalier motor work in a 2004 cavalier A/c blower motor 2004 Chevy Cavalier 2001 Cavalier won't start the BCM/RFA clicks Obd1 95 cavalier body vs 92 obd1 Oldsmobile 3. 1 multiport Radio 96 chevy cavalier 2. 2 ets+engine on misfire on piston 4 injector mod or computer 1988 Chevy z24 Cavalier convertible FOR SALE RI Valve chatter 91 Sunbird won't start when warm Difference between LS and Sedan model cavaliers? No brake lights 8pt turn signals rust free doors please? 97 Chevy Cavalier, car feels like it's going to slide even on slow turns. Warning light's on car stops 2003 cavalier hesitation after sitting for long periods of time No dome light Ran completely out gas now keeps dying '97 Cavalier - will turn over for a second or two, then shut down! =( Both ABS AND Traction Control are disabled when this happens. It is no problem to drive like this for a while if needed. just be careful if you threshold brake alot rely on ABS to keep you off th rail. or hammer it around corners in the wet expect Traction control to do the same keep you pointed in the right direction.

PS: I just had BOTH my front sensors fail with NO warning 3 weeks ago. fuking things are $215 EACH from Lexus. best price i found was park place lexus in dallas at $174 each or so. a solid 80 dollar savings. Also,. you can check the code it will tell you which one or if both are bad. my shop knew right away that BOTH mine were toast. they are fairly easy to replace. if you look at the Front Susp. with the wheel off you will see a thick wire/tube that runs along the lower control arm ends with a plug that is bolted to the base of the upright by the bottom of the shock/strut. the wire runs to the firewall under a panel towards the front bumper plugs into the wiring harness. I heard that these sensors need to be synched with your ECU tho by a lexus technician or a shop who can do it or they do not communicate properly with the ECU as they need to. Hey,. It looks like I may have a couple of these sensors available. PM me if you are interested i can save you some $$$

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