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why do toddlers rock back and forth

My grandson who is 2 years old always rocks back and forth in every chair that he sits in, no matter what he is doing, eating, watching tv etc. What is this all about? Is he sick in some way or is this normal for a toddler? Baby Help Line: Toddler Rocking Back And Forth When To Worry? Don t worry about your son s rocking; it is actually normal! Many children from six months on use
rocking as a soothing thing. When you think about it, what do most parents do when trying to sooth a baby? Rock them! And that rocking motion is what they are used to in the womb. Some babies even rock and hit their head rhythmically against the crib! Perhaps Mom was a jogger! Usually toddlers grow out of it by aged three or so. As long as your grandson is responding normally, making eye contact and trying to communicate, I am sure there is nothing to worry about.

Autistic children sometimes rock or do other repetitive motions, so if you have other concerns about his responsiveness or development, then by all means check with his doctor. You can read in (Opens in new window. ) But from how you describe his behavior that it is when in a chair, while watching TV, eating etc I suspect he has associated eating, TV etc as comfortable soothing activities when in a chair, and rocking just adds to his comfort. Don t try to stop him or prevent his rocking, that will create a problem when in actual fact he is taking care of his own comfort by self soothing. He is a lucky wee boy to have a concerned Grandma, enjoy your time with him. As a teacher of children with Aspergers and Autism, let me say that the "label" opens doors of opportunity for your children that are not available otherwise.

These children learn best with modifications of materials and environments. These children are "labelled" one way or the other because they engage in stereotypic behavior (such as rocking, hand flapping etc) and are made fun of, or are considered rude when they don't seem to grasp the social skills of their peer group or the adult world. So, in my mind, the label of being on the "spectrum" is BETTER for them in terms of being understood by and accepted by others in the world. My class is in a regular elementary school and my children all attend regular elementary classes. with the modifications and support that are needed.

I have educated every teacher and administrator in the school, and my children have "friends" at the level that they desire them. The other children in the school are aware of both the challenges and the GIFTS that my children possess and treat them just like every other child with the exception that they UNDERSTAND better what it is like to have that "label". It is MY BELIEF that these children are more HIGHLY EVOLVED than we are. It's not that "they don't get us". it's that "we don't get them". All of the children in my class have above average to near normal intelligence. They have taught ME more about life on this planet than any "typical" child ever has. There are several diagnostic surveys that can be done to see if your child might need to be further evaluated. the CARS is but one of them.

These children are closer to spirit than to us at many levels. And one of the best sites I ever saw was "oops wrong planet syndrome". There are many many "successful" adults on the spectrum. Think of the nerdy, quiet, highly intelligent people that you know. the "geeks". who were made fun of and ostracized because they were misunderstood. The true geniuses who are very very often people who struggle with understanding humans but not data! The oldest child in my class is an 8th grade honor student who won the Presidential Award last year. There are many different levels of "success" in life. I call it being understood and cared for. loved for who you are and what your gifts are. That is success in my book. with or without a label.

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