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why does my husband sleep on the couch every night

Does this remind you of anyone? Some can get into a routine of going to bed at different times, with one snoozing while the other stays up to watch their favourite TV programme or play on a console. Sleeping on the couch can be in protest- a silent indicator that one canБt stand to sleep next to the other, however no matter what happens- even if a couple has an argument before bed- they should still reconvene in their joint place of sleep to ultimately show their commitment to one another. This can get into a habit and make for disconnected bedroom etiquette, so we have some suggestions on what to do if your
is not following you upstairs. Make it a desirable place- If your bedroom is littered with plies of dirty clothes, the bed is dressed in soiled sheets and the surfaces are caked in dust- no one would look forward to going in there. Make sure your bedroom is always kept clean and tidy so itБs an attractive destination. There is nothing like the feeling of sleeping in fresh sheets to get the juices flowing. Encourage him- He might be sleeping downstairs because of a bad snoring habit or because he likes to read into the night.

There are solutions if you really want to become pillow buddies again. Buy him a Kindle or look for some remedies for his snoring, try not to see these things as barriers but more opportunities to think outside the box. б Talk to him- If you think that he is staying downstairs to avoid you, because of an argument, or to mull things over then ask him if there is anything he wants to discuss about the relationship or if you can lend a listening ear. Better to resolve something before bedtime than carry on as if you are just housemates. Sleeping separately means you have not really ended an argument or resolved anything itБs just putting a physical and emotional distance between you both. Entice him- If he wonБt come to bed then give him a reason! Ditch those old pjs and put on your slinkiest number, or better yet, get naked under a silky robe and walk in to the living room in all your glory- his X-box wonБt get a look in! Purchase some new things for your bedroom play and try to get that novelty back again- it might wear off after a while- then that could be your cue to look for something else to spice up bedtime.

Ask him to come up with you- If you havenБt posed the question before then now might be the time. TV programmes can be recorded for later use and games can be saved- there is no excuse not to retire for the night as a pair if you both really want to. Award winning relationships expert Caroline Brealey, founder ofб www. mutualattraction. co. uk б agrees with the need for a routine. б Create a routine 'It doesnБt need to be as rigid (or boring! ) as cocoa at 9. 30pm and lights out by 10pm, but getting into a daily routine will help you both get into the habit of going to bed at the same time. TV and computers are often the main distraction so set a time when you both agree to switch them off nightly. Give yourself a chance to unwind before bed together. ' Give and take- There may be some nights where he needs his space, just as you might, so try to strike a balance. Perhaps at weekends- late nights or sleeping uncomfortably are more appropriate, whereas during the week- itБs in your best interest to get as much rest as possible for the working day ahead. If itБs a habit heБs got into then it will be hard to break so take it one step at a time.

БSharing a bed together is not only intimate but it also bonds you as a couple. The odd night apart is fine but if heБs consistently crashing out on the couch you need to talk to him. Open communication is key to dealing with it before it becomes an issue. Talk to him and be prepared to make compromises. If youБre more an early riser whilst heБs a night owl donБt force him to go to bed early where heБll only be counting sheep whilst you snore next to him. Meet half way and set a time to go to bed that works for you bothБ. Tell him you miss him- It might not have occurred to him that this is an issue- so if you tell him it might jolt him into making more of an effort. Even if you are not having - laying next to your partner, skin to skin is one of the most intimate things you can do and if thatБs missing, then you might not feel as close to your guy. Whatever you do, it needs to be nipped in the bud as the bedroom is a place of rest, intimacy and for couples- so it should not be a room to be avoided- more one to make you both race up the stairs. by Lucy Moore for relationships. femalefirst. co. uk find me on and follow me on Husband Sleeps On Couch 90percent.

I met my husband in 1996, and we got married 2009. Back then we had sex, since we got married its changed, no sex for 3months etc. I have told him how I felt about it, but still not enough for me. A couple of times he has gone out with out me, like straight from work for a drink. I told him this upsets me because he will never say or call me about stopping. And I feel we should make the effort to go out together. Being these days money is tight. I feel there has to be more into the marriage to keep it going. I need to have intimacy, whether it is snuggling in bed or just a kiss, or ask me to a dinner. I am getting tired of doing this alone. I suggested therapy, he refuses, I go to therapy. My children are grown so there is no excuse for him to stop for a drink without me. I had another talk with him, I have to figure this out. IT isnt easy moving for me, I lost my job of 29 years. And when he did I carried us. IM just not happy at this point. One time his answer to me regarding sex. was ' GO F. SOMEONE ELSE.

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