why do timeshares get a bad rap

I worked for a timeshare company back in 2007 and it wasn t until a few months in that I learned it was a huge scam. The owner of the company I worked for had an ex-husband who owned a 5-star resort in Mexico. This man had a devious strategy in place that lured unsuspecting tourists and visitors into purchasing these Mexican timeshares as investment. Everyone was in on the bit from the front desk to the cleaning ladies. The setup worked like this: sometime during their a stay, a guest and their family would be invited to a brief orientation. For simply attending and giving approximately 2 hours of their time, the family would receive some sort of incentive (e. g. free Disney World tickets) for their participation. There was no obligation to buy anything, so why not, right? During this orientation, top salesmen would give powerful presentations on the benefits of owning a timeshare. Did I mention there was complimentary alcohol for all guests the entire time?

Before you know, everyone in attendance was so buzzed that they didn t know what they were signing and would careless sign contracts to purchase a timeshare. Most of the time, these new timeshare holders either could not use the weeks they owned or simply wanted to make a profit as they were advised they would from the salesmen back in Mexico. So the owner of this resort would give his ex-wife (my boss at the time) the contact information (leads) of all the individuals who signed a contract with him. My boss would then have her own team of sales people who worked from one of her offices to reach out and contact these people out of the blue and convince them that her company could sell each of their weeks for $4,000-6,000 per week. Naturally, these poor souls wanted to generate that profit for their investment and we would charge them a $275. 00 marketing fee to advertise their timeshare units online. The office I worked at dealt with the marketing and customer service.

We would slap a very generic listing onto a basic looking website and that was that. When clients called in to check on the status of their unit we were instructed to give the illusion that prospective buyers were looking into their particular units, but haven t made a commitment just yet. The company apparently had been feeding these same scripted BS lines to these clients for YEARS. None of their properties were ever sold. And as others have mentioned, these timeshare owners were responsible for maintenance fees. They were pretty much being charged fees for units they weren t even using. The only way out of the contract was to resell their units, which was very difficult to do. I m not sure if this concept applies to other timeshares, but I wouldn t accept a timeshare even if you sold it to me for a dollar.
n vacation each year without having to put up the megabucks it can take to stay at a resort for the week? Maybe you just don't like the uncertainty that comes with getting a hotel.

After all, it can be hard to know for sure just how big the room will be or how nice the hotel is. It'd be a shame to spend all that money and not enjoy your stay. Well, renting a timeshare can be a great way to deal with these issues. What is a timeshare? There are a quite a few benefits to having a timeshare. Consider these: Finding a vacation spot can be extremely time consuming. On top of that, you'll probably be competing with tons of other people who are also looking to book time in hotels or resorts. You may finally find the perfect spot, only to discover it's completely booked for the week you want to go. With a timeshare, you could avoid all of this frustration. You may complain about the lack of flexibility, but you can easily circumvent this issue by purchasing a timeshare that comes with the trade option mentioned above or other flexibility options that may be available. If you like the idea of a "home away from home," a timeshare is the best option short of buying a vacation home.

You'll be on vacation, but after your first or second year, the change won't be a difficult adjustment. This is also beneficial to those who find change stressful. Timeshares have gotten a bad rap over the years. This is due to several highly publicized scams that have taken place. A timeshare sales presentation isn't necessarily as bad as it's been made out to be. However, make sure you pay attention; any special contract clauses or other suspicious circumstances should send up red flags. You can make sure your timeshare company is reputable by checking them out with the Better Business Bureau and through online reviews. Doing these things will help protect you from scammers. Just as with any property purchases or rentals, you should research properly and make your selection carefully. If you do these things, you should enjoy your timeshare for years to come.

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