why do third world countries keep having babies

There is not one correct answer, there is a list of reasons. Reasons already listed are the obvious. More kids do mean more chance one will eventually survive, trial and error. Think of it as like why do mothers that keep having failed pregnancies keep trying? Well, the answer is so hopefully one will eventually work out. Then, well, there is the sex. Humans want sex, the only exceptions are humans like ourselves in first world or first world countries that have better things to distract ourselves with. Bored poor people even in our own countries that cannot afford to otherwise do something else or get birth control even have a lot of kids, even if they dont want them. When you look at places like third world countries, what exactly do you think couples are suppose to do that s fun or interesting besides sex? Sex is probably their go to thing, even in spite the places where people have sex with just their partners. Kids are bound to be born eventually, not even if you were educated about how to effectively pull our or if you did not follow any religions that ban oral or anal can you expect individuals to
never have traditional vaginal sex that leads to a pregnancy. There is also rape, rape happens a lot. Some cultures, it happens an absolute lot because it s to some individuals fun and socially acceptable. When you re bored, horny, and rape is totally not a bad thing since the whores want it or because women aren t equal to us men and have one one purpose or maybe you just don t care about others but yourself because you re so angry with the world, sometimes rape is common and if you re told it s normal, why wouldn t you? Even date rape in the United States is a bit more common than we care to admit, some Indian Reservations have a bit of a poorly managed crisis with the subject, the correlation seems to be social norms and being bored.

When you rape, you sometimes don t worry about getting the girl pregnant because it wont be your problem later, so that might be a way you create a child. Another darker truth in some parts that is talked about less is how huge of a commodity children are. If you have a baby, you could make a bunch of cash off of it from donations. There is even talk in one post how a child was being sold to multiple women to make multiple donations, or rented, something of the sorts. When humans are in survival mode, their sympathy is greatly tested and survival instincts override; this includes whether or not your own unwanted child matters or not. Sometimes, it s not a bad idea to intentionally create children regularly so you regularly have a source of income, why not? You know what might be weird to them? How we pay to get unwanted children aborted when you could just as easily be paid to watch your unwanted children die anyways. Wanna go darker? Children make wonderful prostitutes. They pay for themselves if you escort them. Too dark? Lets go lighter, children make great stealing machines as well. They can steal what you and your family needs and they re good at it due to their energy, speed, size, and the likes. Don t worry, it s not terribly common families use their children as thieves; they re much better at making money through trafficking. Sorry, got dark again! As far as stupid goes, I couldn t disagree with you more. By our standards, they absolutely are stupid.

Stupidity is what we call uneducated in less than politically correct terms. It might be unfair to demonize these people for being uneducated since they do not exactly have many opportunities to address this, but that doesn t change the truth. Because of this, ways to avoid getting too many children or the concept of maybe having fewer children means less food sharing thus more survivors is something that very well does get overlooked in some underdeveloped places. Hard to believe, I know, but that s why school is important, so you don t make stupid mistakes. Even people in our developed country makes stupid mistakes, legit knowing they want a kid and then suddenly realize how expensive they are, imagine uneducated people that sometimes don t even math. There is a whole list of reasons. Even smaller uncommon possibilities, like having a bigger family might bring some happiness or something, or maybe feeling it s vital for your village to maintain the warrior population, or who knows. There is so many uncommon reasons to list, there is even some common ones I probably forgot. Truth is, these countries are a huge mess and a lot of problems occur because of them, sometimes with similar consequences. Mr, Shanta, the chief economist for Africa, begins the essay by hammering Africans to have fewer babies without telling why. First of all why Africans need fewer babies? Since he is not interested or have the time to tell us why, I will try to guess some of his worries related to Бhigh fertilityБ. I belive that Mr Shanta also will agree on the following reasons though he may have different explanation. May be Mr ShantaБs primary worry is about the poverty in Africa?

I guess so. When one makes a major claim, such as saying that the poverty in Africa is due to high fertility rate or population growth then one should be able to provide facts, sources, statistics, empirical evidence, etc. , to be able to back up one's claim. Because without such evidence, the claim has no merit. When Mr. Shanta, the chief economist for Africa wrote the above article, he did not have any evidence to prove his claims. And the reason for this is because such evidence in fact does not exist! For example, consider the title of the article that БAfrican Women have too many babiesБ. Based on the title I can guess that the writter looks worried because he think that Africa is over populated or will be overpopulated. Well, the United Nations has kept population statistics for many decades. These statistics can be looked at by anybody. And according to these statistics, most of the countries in Africa have very low population densities. Despite this, Shanta is indirectly trying to claim that there are too many people in Africa. Hmm. Can anybody say 'racism'? For your information the population density of Africa as of April 2007 was 27. 8/sq. Km while that of Asia was 89/ sq. Km, a figure which is more than triple compared to Africa. Another of ShantaБs claims is that Бthe relationship between declining fertility and economic growth goes both waysБ. And once again, Shanta does not provide any evidence to support his claim. And again, this is because such evidence simply does not exist. In contrary, when you have more people, then that means that there will be more minds to invent technology.

More scientists. More inventors. More engineers. Etc. All of these things make life better. Shanta also looks worried about food shortage for Africa. Another worry of shanta to insist on lower fertility rate may be Africa is incapable of feeding itself. What Shanta completely ignores is the fact that Africa has vast expanses of land that could be used to grow crops. In fact, the fact that Africa is situated at the equator allows for Africa to grow food year round. So Shanta tried to make all these false claims, but he does not back them up with any evidence. There are reasons for why the people in Africa are so poor. But Shanta has ignored these reasons. The reason that Africa doesn't grow enough food to feed itself is neither due to high fertility rate nor lack of contraceptive. It is because the government policies regarding land use in most African counties are based on collective farming, instead of on private ownership. The reason that Africa does not benefit from its vast supplies of natural resources is because most of the countries in Africa do not protect private property rights and contracts, and so private companies used to afraid to do business in Africa. Thus, the problems of poverty in Africa have everything to do with Africa's own ridiculous government policies, and nothing to do with high fertility, lack of contraceptive or overpopulation. All of this has been discussed in The Economist, which is a very reliable source. If high fertility and overpopulation causes poverty, then Hong Kong and Japan would be the poorest countries on Earth. Again, the real world shows that the writer has not done his homework.

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