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why do we go to sunday school

Sunday School has been a part of church culture for years. Unfortunately, its importance has been severely diminished and underestimated. Some people do not believe that Sunday School is important while others believe that Sunday School is only for children. This is seen as adults drop children off at church instead of going inside with them. But why is Sunday School important? В 1. Sunday School is the place where you really learn how to dig in the Word. Have you ever heard your Pastor say something or reference a passage of scripture that left you scratching your head in wonder? You canвt stand up in the service to ask him to clarify. After the service, you may not have the chance to ask. So how do you get your question answered? Go to Sunday School! Sunday School is the place where you can dialog and interact with others about the scriptures. Since the class is usually small, it is a safe place to ask questions, express doubts and get clarification on things that confuse you.

В 2. Engage in real conversations about God and His Word while making friends and establishing bonds of love and fellowship. Since Sunday School classes are typically small (less than 25 people), it is the perfect environment to engage in real conversation about the Word. By engaging in dialog with other members of the class, listening to their questions and hearing the answers, you learn that you are not alone in your struggles in understanding the Word and living out your faith in a world that is increasingly hostile to Christians. As you recognize and embrace that common bond, you develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Those friendships will also help keep you accountable and connected to the Body of Christ, especially during times of storm and crisis in your life. В These are just two reasons for believers to be involved in Sunday School.

We will explore more reasons in our next post. В until He comes,
В MARANATHA! 1. Sunday School improves your Bible knowledge. When you know and understand GodБs Word for yourself, you are more likely to obey the Lord. The Bible knowledge gained in Sunday School also helps you become more proficient in using GodБs Word, the Bible. 2. Sunday School assists your spiritual growth. Think of Sunday School teachers and class members who have modeled the Christian life. You learned from their examples how to live for Jesus. Most importantly, spiritual growth often occurs best in the context of small group Bible study. ThatБs Sunday School. 3. Sunday School provides a Бplace to belong. Б In a Sunday School class you are known, personally recognized and transparency is more likely to occur. You can share needs and concerns from your life.

As you participate in class discussions, you become part of the group. 4. Sunday School helps you build meaningful relationships. You meet people, learn their names, hear their stories, and meet their families. You share fellowship times with class members. You minister alongside others. 5. Sunday School gives you opportunities to serve and minister. Contacts with sometimes Бunchurched prospectsБ gives you the privilege of sharing your faith. You show the love of Jesus by ministering to class members who have needs. 6. Sunday School has a place for the whole family. In one trip to church your entire family can participate in the important purposes of Bible study, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. You gain the assurance of knowing every member of your family is involved in weekly, small-group Bible study, which is growing their Bible knowledge and helping them grow spiritually.

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