why does my husband act like he hates me

He listens to me,. Re: My Husky doesn't act like he likes me? I Spanked My Dog, Now He Hates Me. Does he still love me? Q: I spend all day at home with my dog, but he likes my husband more than me. How being a dog owner taught me to hate dogs. 15 Amazing Things Your Dog Can Sense About You. Home / 5 things you're doing that drive your dog crazy. So many times people have come to me, worried because their dog has picked up an aggravating habit. I dont want her to act like a guard dog but she barks at the door whenever she hears the bell,. My dog has major health issues. He's always wanting attention and he's just like UGH. I dont act. but hes almost back to the happy go lucky sweetest dog ever. 101 thoughts on Seven Canine Diabetes Myths. periods where Frankie hates his shots and acts like Im about. Will My Dog Hate Me? Your description suggests that you are the one thing that puppy likes the most,. does my dog hate me? I have a special-ed kitty that hates getting his claws trimmed. By dogtime (Photo by Peter Bischoff/Getty Images) Question: My dog usually likes people, but he doesnt like my friend. My boyfriend is an alcoholic. does your dog act like a cat? I still go through periods where Frankie hates his shots and acts like. he is like a different dog. What do you do when your dog doesn't like your. that was a one man dog, meaning it bonded to me but not. one of my extended family. So how hurtful is it when your dog doesn't like. My Dog Doesnt Like Me.

He didn't act like this toward. and the last thing I need is feeling depressed all the time because my dog hates me. Actually he is generally. My dog is starting to look good to me. Why doesn't my dog like my friend? HE HATES ME!! Please tell me. my dog acts as a watch out whenever i smoke. He'll often sit with his back turned to me but there are times when he's snugglier and acts like my little lap dog. I do not like dogs. Update Cancel. You've spanked your dog, now your dog hates you. Thank you. Blog Home >> Canine Cognition >> Why Dogs are More Afraid of Men. He likes to walk in front of him and sprays in the bed sometimes. My boyfriend acts like he hates me? is this normal? Or does your cat act like a dog? He only sees me when it suits him. and I sometimes wonder if my husband hates me. Thats how my dad acts with his cat Charlie. I totally hate getting shots. Does he hate me? I don't understand why my dog likes EVERYONE else more than me. My dog ADORES my husband and he My dog, Gray, hates me. He like to sleep on top of my feet,. My dog hates smoke. My Dog is Acting Weird After a Vet. hate getting shots. How can I get my dog to like me more? When I first had my dog as a puppy, he didn't even like to be petted by me. it means that if he went from deeply loving you to acting like he hates. even took our dog with him. Sometimes he acts like he "loves"other people more,. Koda, on the other hand, is my heart-dog.

My dog acts like he is a cat. My dog keeps on biting me. Dog Blog; Insights to Dog Behavior; Help! My Dog. why he is acting like. 11 things humans do that dogs hate. while leaning forward toward the dog and holding out a hand like a traffic. My dog is the one pulling, not me!. My dog hates me. I dont act weird after. lucky sweetest dog ever. Blog Home >> Canine Cognition >> Why Dogs are More Afraid of Men.
My husband and I have been together for 13 years. We have had some hard times along the way but he was always there for me and there to comfort me. We started our own business about 3 years ago and I quit my job at a very good Physicians office so that I could help make our business succeed and to be able to be flexible with my hours since we have 4 kids. Our business has done very well over the past 3 years. We ran it out of our home for 2 years and then found a building that we could store everything in on a very busy highway. We were very excited that our business was starting to take off. We hired one of his friends in July 2011 who used to be on drugs really bad but after talking with my husband, my husband stated that he had changed and was no longer doing those things. I believed him and we hired this person who said over and over again that he respected the business that we worked so hard on for the last 3 years of our life. My husband would then start spending all of his time at our new building with this friend of his.

He would never come home and then my kids finally stopped asking if their daddy was coming home. We then found out near Christmas of 2011 that he had been doing Crystal meth and was addicted. All of our money was going toward that but when I would ask him about it, he would say that he spent it on something for the business. We started going to couseling and he seemed to really change for a little while. During this time, we got behind on our house payment because there was never enough money in the account to pay it since he was taking most of it out. We were then told that we had to move out or get our payment caught up. Since we found that out, he would not leave for work until after noon and then complain that he was never off from work by 5. I have tried to get him to do the right thing but I don t know what else to do. When we could not get our payments on our house caught up, we moved into our building. We only have 2 toilets in here and no shower at all. I have to drive to my parents house every day to take a shower and bathe my kids, wash our clothes, etc. He stays up all night and then won t go to work until very late the next day. He is ruining our business and in this type of business, I can t do everything. He won t take any responsibility for anything. I get cussed out at least once a day because he doesn t do his job. I am so outdone with this whole situation. When we moved the stuff out of our house, he didn t even help with 95% of it.

He kept telling everyone that I was making him work which is a complete lie. When my cell phone is dead and I ask to use his, he has to mess with it for 5-10 minutes, I guess he s deleting web history and telephone numbers, and then he will let me use it. He says that he can t stand to be around me because I accuse him of everything. I try and talk to him but he butts in on me and won t listen. When I tell him that it bothers me a lot that he stays up all night and never comes to bed with me, he says that he can do whatever he wants because he is a grown man. I am at my whits end. I have 4 kids and this is my only means of income. I have to do everything for my children while he sits back and watches and doesn t offer to help. He tells me that it is my fault about being kicked out of the house, money problems, kids being loud, his past addiction to meth, etc. He blames me for everything. I have tried everything I know to do to keep this marriage from failing but I can t. I don t say anything to him a lot of times because he is very disrespectful to me if I do or he won t listen at all. His tone is very hateful towards me even if I don t say anything out of the way. I have tried talking to him but when I do he gets very angry and raged and tells me to leave him the **** alone. I don t know what to do. We are living here and I can t afford to leave but I honestly think that I will go insane if I stay here for one more day.

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